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  1. Was watching, Cleveland crew said they just wanted to give him a true day off — yesterday he started warming up in the 9th just in case as KC started threatening. Nothing to see here (yet).
  2. Well. It’s now or never. Fingers crossed. But bracing for never.
  3. This aged well. His arm (still) looks fantastic. Man on a mission this year.
  4. Sounds like 2 TD for Terry and a missed extra point for Hopkins to me.
  5. I took him in the 11th round of a 12 team redraft league. Absolute steal. Brightttttttt future.
  6. Sleeping on breakout seasons is definitely the way to win your league.
  7. Hue Jackson described Josh Gordon's return like opening a present on Christmas day. Stay sober, and he has franchise altering talent. If he's going anywhere, it's down the road to Canton in a decade. Can't wait to watch him explode this weekend.
  8. Again, due to suspensions and how seasons accrue: Josh Gordon 2018 -- Exclusive Rights Free Agent: For $790,000, the Browns control Josh Gordon's rights in 2018. No brainer. 2019 -- Restricted Free Agent: Browns try to negotiate long term deal. Failing that, they slap a 1st round tender on him, hope nobody bites. 2020 -- Unrestricted Free Agent: Assuming elite play and still sober, Browns try to negotiate a long term deal. Failing that, they franchise tag. Considering they gave Kenny Britt $10.5m to not play football, giving Josh Gordon ~$16m to play makes (too much)
  9. This has been discussed before (118 pages, easy to miss), but Gordon isn't a free agent next year. If he plays, he's playing for the Browns (or traded). He's not an unrestricted free agent until 2020. Short explanation: suspensions prolong contracts. Long explanation: https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2017/12/4/16735148/how-long-do-the-browns-control-the-rights-to-josh-gordon.
  10. The dream's obviously for a QB, WR, or RB to have TE eligibility, but it's still fun to have options. As for EE, you're playing him.
  11. I figured management and coaching had three years to turn it around. I'm surprised they fired Sashi -- they were never going to win this year, so it made sense to stockpile draft picks to supercharge a rebuild (although I have zero faith they'll use the picks well). Oh well. Definitely adds fire to the McCarron rumors. Just get a competent QB in there and let Gordon handle the rest.
  12. If you want realistic projections, here's a sample of other #1 WR vs GB: AJ Green (10-111-1), Dez Bryant (5-52-1), Adam Thielen (9-96), Michael Thomas (7-82), Marvin Jones (7-107-2), Mike Wallace (4-56-1), Antonio Brown (10-169-2), Mike Evans (2-33). It's not apples to apples (QBs, o-line, etc.), but I'd be pretty happy with any of these lines (save for Mike WTF Evans). Best game against GB was Antonio Brown (10-169-2). I'm all aboard the Josh Gordon train, but it's just not realistic to expect him to outperform AB with Kizer at QB. This is the "realistic" cei
  13. Oh. My. God. Josh Gordon is going to FEAST.
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