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  1. Overall solid team with some very good young players that have huge upside to them. Check mine out please.
  2. I would stay pat for now. If Zeke doesn't play, you still have some solid backup that would make you competitive. Unless you feel that Evans and Adams is even enough that it's worth getting zeke's handcuff? I have a good feeling Zeke will play. Check mine out please.
  3. Dede for me here. Jag's Wr1 option and KC has not looked great. Check out please http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/760269-please-rate-my-team-whir/
  4. I would say Watson/Kamara for the much higher ceiling and more dynamic, but riskier bet also. Rodgers/Barkley is a very safe choice and you get what you see. I happen to like to take a little risk but also win games each week. Check mine out http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/760269-please-rate-my-team-whir/
  5. I like this trade for you a lot. Thomas is a Wr1 and the best player in this deal. You will also get Landry who will start opposite Odell, and he will be a stud this year with Mayfield. Check mine out
  6. I see the benefits of linking up Julio and Matt Ryan to score big. I happen to like D. Watson a lot and drafted him. If Watson decides to stay healthy, he is going to be a killer with big numbers. Please help on mine
  7. Yes, as much as I like Rivers, this would be a good move. Please help.
  8. Regular 12 team standard yahoo league. We start 1qb, 2 RB, 2 Wr, 1 Flex, 1 Te, 1 k, and 1 def. I had 10th pick overall. Qb- D. Watson, J. Winston RB- David Johnson, M. Ingram, L. Murray, L. McCoy, and Carlos Hyde WR- Julio Jones, S.Diggs, Wil Fuller, Tyrell Williams, D. Moncrief TE- D. Walker K- G. Zuerlein Def- Ravens Thanks guys.
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