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  1. Why would you regret trading a prospect for a top 10 player?
  2. I like Vaughn 1.01 personally because I think he will be in a far better lineup and will put up better statistical numbers. Adley is a great individual player but Vaughn will have superior numbers hitting around Eloy, Moncada, Robert, etc.
  3. Platoon Pollock and Joc imo.
  4. If it’s redraft maybe not but 12 is deepish so might be worth it. Any keeper leagues he should be stashed.
  5. can't imagine he's worth stashing in a redraft
  6. As an owner, it would take a decent offer to part with the upside of him moving to the top of the lineup with his current SB+HR production. I have to think it would happen soon. He's been better than Kepler.
  7. He's changed his launch angle, as well.
  8. they could sign him to one of those contract extensions that happened back in August.
  9. Potential for 5 plus pitches here. He's added a slurve to his arsenal which has gotten great reviews (some say plus). Fastball, Slider, Slurve, Splitter, Cutter
  10. Yes. Hopefully he avoids a TJ. That seems to be what makes or breaks these top pitching prospects.
  11. I mean when a guy shows signs like this I grab him in a dynasty. Soto I grabbed middle of last summer.
  12. I learned with Soto to grab early and ask questions later.
  13. Imagine Morgan Freeman as a baseball play by play guy. I’d listen to every Indians game.
  14. Anyone have any insight into the walk rate? Was it just that he mashed everything and didn’t need to? It’s my only concern with him as a prospect since I’m in a league that only counts OBP.
  15. He's very legit. Best change-up in the minors.
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