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  1. and from Roto reports the Falcons have ruled him out. What is the issue here?
  2. So does ESPN. he isnt playing give him the damn "O" designation so we can stash him. WTF???? Trying to screw owners over?
  3. Waste of a draft pick. I had high hopes for him but this offense is just putrid.
  4. Its hard to say this but Rivers is worse than Jamesis. 7 INT's in 2 games. Stop forcing it deep and take the underneath shots. Everytime you throw it deep you get picked. Simple.
  5. Im benching him this week. I dont like starting him most weeks with Baker playing like he does, but against the Pats easy decision.
  6. could be Gold today. Schaub is captain checkdown, and Hooper is the safety valve.
  7. Ekeler ALL DAY!! Henry, Allen & Ekeler are his only passing options at the moment. Im thinking they split Ekeler out as a WR mostly today with Allen going down. Could be a monster PPR day!! Im benching Chubb for Ekeler today in my PPR league
  8. Im starting DK Metcalf over him in a standard league. The hoodie will take him away today.
  9. Im rolling the Colts D. I want some of that Flacco action
  10. Need 3 starters out of this group. Really tough decision. Full point PPR L. Murray A. Ekeler M. Gordon A. Jones N. Chubb
  11. How much impact this year is the BIG question?
  12. Until further notice all KC RBs are not startable.
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