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  1. I have on Free Spot in my Roster, only interesting Option on the Waiver is James Washington, i have the Browns and Could Pick up Cowboys, Falcons, Seahawks, Texans or Titans For the Playoffs. But all of them without easy matchups - Titans?
  2. In my Keeper League (Flex Spot = 2 QB) I was offered Trubisky for Kareem Hunt. I am # 1 with 6-1, He is Last with 1-6. i got Wilson, Flacco, Keenum and K. Allen (what is up with Cam?) anno feel needy for a QB. He Got Goff, Brissett, Stafford and Trubisky.
  3. Keeper League, we play 2 QBs, i have QB: Russel Wilson | Case Keenum | Joe Flacco | Teddy Bridgewater | Kyle Allen RB: Melvin Gordon III | Josh Jacobs | Matt Breida | Carlos Hyde | Giovani Bernard | Latavius Murray | Jalen Richard | Jaylen Samuels | Ito Smith | C.J. Anderson i think i should do the trade, would you?
  4. Hi, you can see my Teams in the Signature. Anything you would do? What would you target on the Waiver Wire or in a trade? Where do you see potentials drops? Thank you.
  5. i picked 1 Josh Jacobs 2 Marvin Jones Jr. 3 DK Metcalf 4 Brian Burns 5 Justin Houston 6 Vince Williams 7 Michael Benett 8 Jalen Richard 9 Haason Reddick 10 Preson Brown Pick 6 - 10 was Autodraft, because they paused the draft during the night and i had to go to the Bratwurst Museum on Sunday with my Wife and Son My Roster QB: Russel WIlson, Joe Flacco, Case Keenum RB: Josh Jacobs, Melvin Gordon III, Latavius Murray, Matt Breida, Carlos Hyde, Jalen Richard WR: Marvin Jones Jr., DK Metcalf, Keenan Allen, E
  6. Thank you Guys, i picked Jacobs with my 1st pick AND Marvin Jones with my Second.
  7. Short Version: 1st Pick: Josh Jacobs - David Montgomery (or Hunter Henry)? Hi, i just was invited into a 10-Team IDP Keeper League on fantrax, because someone quit. I only played Redraft on nfl for the last 4 years, so i am a little low on experience. i got the 1st pick of each round. QB-2RB-3WR-1TE-2R/W/T-1FLX-1K 3DL-3LB-3DB-2ID what is available: QB: Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Josh Rosen, Ryan Fitzparick RB: JOSH JACOBS, DAVID MONTGOMERY; Darell Henderson, Miles Sanders, Ronald Jones II, Damien Harris, Nyheim Hines, Devin Sing
  8. got Eifert and Gates Fleener, Lewis, Griffin and Hooper available? Eifert must be dropped, but i think about exchanging Gates as well? Any suggestions?
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