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  1. 2 for sure... AB will be very streaky with godwin+evans
  2. I really need WR help RB: Zeke, Conner, Jrob, Montgomery WR: Juju, Lazard, AJ Green, OBJ Should I give Montgomery for Fuller?
  3. Goedert... Foles averages 12 pass attempts per game to tight ends. Goedert is far more talented than Rodgers and has chemistry with Wentz
  4. Henderson @mia Swift vs ind Carson vs sf Montgomery vs NO
  5. Sanders is definitely the target. Lev+Fuller like most have said... Fuller is good the 3 games in a row he's able to play before getting hurt again.
  6. I have Leveon... My starters consist of: WR: Thomas, OBJ RB: Conner, Montgomery 2Flex: Juju, JRob After the trade: WR: OBJ, Juju RB: Conner, Mont 2Flex: JRob, CEH/Leveon Thomas has killed me all year... Brees future in question... heck Thomas has been a diva... Thoughts?
  7. Offered harris and a 2nd round rookie draft pick for my Kelley. Neither have to be starters for me now. Leaning towards rolling the dice on Kelley, a big week 5 for him would be huge for his trade value.
  8. Making a trade for Kelce... PPR, only start 2 RB... Keeper league, lose the draft pick the player was drafted. JRob = 16th round keeper Jacobs = 1st round keeper Keep in mind, I'm still competing this year also. My other RBs are Carson, Montgomery, Swift, Akers, Henderson
  9. Trade Kelley for a 1st round rookie draft pick? Probably a mid to early 1st round pick.
  10. I'm not sure I trust MIA to produce a mid-range RB2 or better... Should I trade Gaskin for a 1st round pick (rookie draft)?
  11. Only rookies i would consider over him are CEH, Taylor, JRob, Dobbins, Lamb, JJefferson, Swift, Akers, Gibson, Jeudy...
  12. Brown was very good week 1, and still it was Akers who started week 2... if Akers gets the start when he comes back it won't be much of a surprise.
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