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  1. Only 6 in leagues that take yardage into account.. they stay giving up a bunch of yards While washington got me 14. More than double that.
  2. Are y’all still confident with KC defense for the next two weeks?? Didn’t watch the game but again, gave up ton of yardage. I’d like to start them but not looking for more sub-10 point performances
  3. Keep in mind although the KC defense capitalized on the Jags with a TD and 5 turnovers, they still allowed over 500 yards to what is one of the most questionable offenses in the league. Last week they had Cincinnati, not necessarily a consistent offense, and scraped away a good day with a TD. Those TDs aren’t coming every week, and I can easily see them going negative despite what seems like solid matchups. I’m not sold
  4. But they’ve been putting points up in a hurry all season, and they don’t have that many good d/st games to show for it so far.
  5. You aren't wrong. Just trying to decide if I'm more worried about the CMac+Newton combo or Kenny Stills+Tannehill combo
  6. Interesting. However, worth noting that Atlanta is missing a key LB. CMac could have a big game.
  7. A thread about streaming defenses. Not choosing between the two top 10 defenses that you auto-drafted.
  8. Your initial post was useless, homie. Was just trying to bring that to your attention. I'll stop clogging up this thread though.
  9. I think you've missed the point of this thread
  10. In what league are these defenses on the waiver wire lol
  11. I’m dropping the lions after that showing, defense was horrible outside that pick 6. looking at the waivers I’m tempted by the Jets, Broncos, and Saints. I’m not high on the falcons. Right now I’m leaning towards the Jets. I love my raiders, so I can’t rule out a Derek Carr bounce back game. I’m also tremendously scared by the Saints defense now. They weren’t even drafted in my league.. can anyone convince me to go Saints instead of Jets? Idk if I can bring myself to it.
  12. Tough selection to choose from honestly, but I'd go with Witten as the lesser of two evils
  13. I have three defenses to choose from: Jax (vs. Ten), Chiefs (vs. Den), or Redskins (vs NYG) 1. Hard to trust Jax given last week. Plus, apparently Derrick Henry is expected to have a big game against them. 2. Chiefs (lack of a) desire to win this game is troublesome. They're also starting the rookie at QB. 3. Not sure if I should trust Washington's defense on an away game, even though thats a juicy matchup. Trying to pick my poison here, any suggestions?
  14. I'm here wondering who just won their fantasy championship because of that Eagles defensive score in the last 5 seconds of the game
  15. I had Gurley, but the Jacksonville defense absolutely s**t the bed and dropped 1 point. I need Foles + Le'Veon Bell to drop under 23 points combined in full PPR. RIP.
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