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  1. After the news on Melvin Gordon returning, I was considering trading for Austin Ekeler. I'm thinking he might still have some value, and that I can get another owner to buy low. That said, I have two players on my team whom I drafted highly but am not feeling good about. So, I was going to propose trading James Conner and Stefon Diggs to receive Austin Ekeler and Cooper Kupp. Should I make this offer?
  2. I already have Thielen and Tyreek Hill, so the WR position looks pretty decent for me. RBs are harder to come by, and I have Fournette and then a bunch of committee guys. I'm hoping to swing Saquon, but if I don't, I believe that either Guice or Penny could be good for 20 carries a game, and there aren't all that many RBs who could garner that great a share of touches. Haha also probably made it easier to make this trade when last year I picked up both Juju AND Cohen off of waivers lol. Not knowing about the Steelers QB situation in the future also had me wondering about Juju's lon
  3. I'm in a non-PPR dynasty league. I traded Juju Smith-Schuster, Tarik Cohen, and the #7 overall pick in the upcoming rookie draft and received Robert Woods, Kenny Stills, and the #2 overall pick. What do y'all think? I was thinking that the #2 pick can either be packaged in a deal to get Saquon at #1, or else I can take either Guice or Rashaad Penny who could be start-worth RB2s.
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