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  1. Yeah but his earlobe maybe hurting. Surely he can't play through that injury.
  2. First place all year. Made terrific decisions. Great waiver wire pickups. Then played Fuller over obj in championship game. FML.
  3. I don't think we are Fuller again, especially when Houston has a good lead. Should have known better.
  4. Fudge. Damn. It was too good to be true. Right at championship week.
  5. Mostert has shown he is the best RB in SF. But that's not the question. The question we should be asking is how many carries will he get? Seeing Coleman getting goal line snaps was disheartening to Mostert owners. Brieda is also in the mix. The only time Mostert got more than 15 carries was in Baltimore. I believe the weather had something to do with that. If Mostert got all the carries, he would be a high end RB1. As it is, he's a low RB2. He's risky in the championship round. [...]
  6. This is playoff week. I have visions of James Conner when I think of Jacobs playing with a bum shoulder. Can't afford a goose egg. Even if he does play....for how long? How many snaps? So many question marks. I'm seriously thinking of rolling out Mostert over Jacobs.
  7. You also have to watch the weather. I think the forecast is for rain in Wash. Remember the mud bowl with the niners? All Wr's did nothing in that game. It was a punt fest. He'll be at best a WR3 simply because of the weather and field conditions.
  8. If there's one thing that this debacle has taught us, it's that Conner is the main RB if/when he's healthy. I picked up Samuel just in case Conner gets hurt, but he simply doesn't move the offense like Conner. So I'm not worried about any time share with Samuel. This is Conner's backfield. If only he can stay healthy...…..sigh.
  9. Also, when Edmunds gets healthy, this will become a nightmare rbbc.
  10. Only reason I can think of is that he gets released this week, then picked up by a decent team that's still in contention and needs a rb, like Detroit. Lots of ifs, and very improbable. Safe to drop imo.
  11. Driskel is the former backup to Dalton, and 3rd string qb in sf after Smith and kap. He's a good runner, and mostly throws short to intermediate passes. He's not a long ball thrower like Stafford. This directly affects galloday and Lewis. Too risky imo.
  12. Playing against the bears is tough enough. Now playing with the career backup qb makes my decision easier. I'm rolling with Pascal over Galloday. Good luck to all playing him.
  13. As a Murray owner, I am hoping that the Saints blow out opponents early, so that Murray will get most of the garbage work. Other than that, this is still Kamara's backfield, with Murray sprinkled in.
  14. Well, his floor is a lot higher that Flash. This is the kind of chemistry I was hoping Flash would have with Brady. It is highly encouraging that Sanu was involved in the short and long game. Having said that, this is still the Pats offense wherein the ball is spread out, and you don't know who's going to blow up. And Sanu is not in the Moss and Gronk territory wherein they were basically Brady's first read, especially in the red zone. Expect some decent days like yesterday, but also expect some 5 catches for 40 yards days. Perhaps Sanu will develop, and be a true WR1/2. For now, he's a
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