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  1. I'm in one, 2 qb, 2rb, 2wr/te, 2flex, 1k, 1dst, No more than 2 players from any one NFL team. No roster moves once playoffs start. No replacements for guys knocked out.
  2. Is there a scenario where Hurts gets pulled for Wentz? How bad would it have to get?
  3. I have guys dropping like flies and a few bad matchups. Just picked him up in my 10-team in case Tyreke is ruled out.
  4. Aaron Donald and gang want to win the division too, although you couldn't tell against the Jets. LOL They are going to be one fired up, angry bunch.
  5. I'm using him in season long. Sadly, no better option. I've also plugged him in lineups on Fanduel hoping for an affordable contrarian point grab.
  6. can jacobs hit the line of scrimmage with some pop instead of tip toeing up to it?
  7. My replacement plays Saturday. I'm not taking a chance on Julio not playing or getting hurt in game.
  8. Jacobs practiced Friday. Gruden wants to see how he feels Saturday. This from Gruden.... The Raiders hope the possible return of Jacobs and Brown will help spark a running game which has been held to less than 90 yards rushing in three straight games for the first time in three years. ''It always helps to have your feature back in action,'' Gruden said. ''They don't make a lot of guys like Josh Jacobs, so hopefully he's ready to go and if he is, we'll make sure we hand him the ball. But he's a great back and normally a great back makes great things happen, and that's what we
  9. I'm in a 12 team ppr league. 4 make the playoffs. Team with best record. Of the remaining 11, team with most points. Of the remaining 10, team with best record. Of the remaining 9, team with most points. Regular season, week one and week 13 are a play all week. So top 6 get a win. You play every team head to head once. Playoffs are over a 3 week period. Total points wins. You start playoff week one with your average point total over the 13 weeks.
  10. You do realize we are talking about the Jets right? Marv Levy would be an upgrade.
  11. Loved that story they told last night. Wilson took Metcalf on a vacation to bond and get on the same page. When they got together Wilson asked, "did you bring your cleats"? Metcalf responded, "my cleats????? I brought my helmet"!!! LOL
  12. I am. If there are any positive tests Sunday or Monday, they likely won’t play. I don’t think the league will impose a forfeit but they can move the game to week 18. Can’t take a chance getting zeros for guys in this game.
  13. Agree. I was pissed off much of yesterday thinking he's made of glass. But, then when i saw him gutting out his last reception and run, I couldn't help but be pumped by his effort. Need him healthy for playoffs. Fingers crossed.
  14. Gronk and Reynolds to score 20 or less combined in standard.
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