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  1. Just sent request. My bad. My name is usually so rare it's easy to find. Let me know if you didn't get it. Thanks! LOVE your FB messenger name
  2. Hey thanks for letting me know. I've never used FB messenger before but I installed the app. Should be able to find my as Brant Rider or brant.rider@gmail.com
  3. Also if you can tell me where messenger is on the site I would appreciate it. Only seeing it on my phone. Thanks.
  4. I'd be intrested for sure if not FAAB. If that changes let me know. Thanks. I'll watch the thread.
  5. Can you let me know if it's going to be FAAB or not? If not, i'm in.
  6. 'd be in if it's not FAAB or auction. No Def or K preferred. I'll keep an eye on the thread.
  7. I really want to try this but it seems like if you lose 2 games straight your season is pretty much over unless it's a really small league so waivers can sustain your team.
  8. 50. Says in post. Any chance of making any changes? Would love to maybe have superflex over K/DST. Just asking.
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