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  1. The arrow is pointing up as far as I'm concerned. If he doesn't play next week I'll start to worry.
  2. Full PPR I need one of these guys in my flex. Normally this would be a no brainer but I'm not very confident in any saints players atm.
  3. It's week 13 bud and Michael Thomas has had one good game all season.
  4. The season is already over lol. He's a complete bust. Hopefully ya'll made it to the playoffs and have some quality receivers.
  5. This team is so freakin painful to watch. I'm glad he's getting it done but wow, there is absolutely no pass protection for Wentz and I'm worried he's going to get injured during the playoffs or they just pull him and who knows what the targets are going to look like down the stretch.
  6. Well apparently the game script has to be perfect and they need to be playing the worst pass defense in the league for Michael Thomas to have a decent game. I won't be holding my breath 13 weeks into the season lol.
  7. Going from the best WR in the league to having 1/5 games with over 50 yards receiving is the definition of a bust to me.
  8. I'm very curious to how you feel after today's performance.
  9. Hopefully Brees comes back sooner than later, Hill completely tanks any confidence you have starting anyone on the saints. I'm sure the armchair QBs will find a way to excuse this poor performance. BUST
  10. I'm going to use week 1 and the previous 2 weeks as a sample size because it's 2020 and if Michael Thomas wasn't getting it done with Brees, why would I put my playoff push on the shoulders of Taysom Hill. I don't care how talented the player is, 2 weeks of duds this late in the season is bad. Please keep beating your chest though, I find it amusing. For the record, I did start Michael Thomas, and still lost so my bias isn't over Michael Thomas this week.
  11. Fantasy 101 goes out the window 11 weeks into the season bud. Start your studs is a motto you tell yourself after you draft your players in the first half of the season. You play the players you think will get you the most points. I feel like I'm talking circles in this thread.
  12. You were starting him the 2 weeks before where he got you nothing and now was playing with a QB that's never played a full NFL game as a starter.
  13. I'm sure a lot of Michael Thomas owners were asking themselves that same question after his biggest stat line for the season was 5 for 50. Now he loses Brees, and Hill is named start for the game. I completely understand why someone would bench Thomas. Even for a guy like Mike Williams or Tee Higgins.
  14. Your logic is essentially, pick your fantasy team up by its bootstraps or you suck. This has gotta be the hottest of takes.
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