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  1. Gotta get to the playoffs first. He needs some ceiling games, more TDs or more passes to make that happen.
  2. H-Town Ballers 112.70 (so far) - 81.96 (half PPR). Most wins in the league. Most points scored this season. Second most points scored against. Dominant performance virtually all year. Thanks Tanny and CMC!
  3. He could get 1MM touches and do ok but this looks like a potential shootout and TB is a pass funnel D that stops the run.
  4. SEA D got the stop and is sb 6-14 and SEA offense in the exact same place they are now on the field. Stupid not kicking the FG.
  5. Why didn't they take the points on 4th and 1? WTF?
  6. Probably 1000 just tonight if SEA decides not to throw any more.
  7. Anyone else love this one to be a shootout like SF/NO today?
  8. Seattle had six different pass catchers just in the first drive. Lockett seems done for.
  9. He gets fed tonight or I am sure he'll be wholesale dropped tomorrow. What a horrible fall from grace.
  10. Which would have been huge for those who desperately needed that TD from Kittle. This isn't the Brees/Saints thread.
  11. [...] Powell is hurt, has bad matchups coming up and Bell likely back next week. Drop!
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