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  1. 3 DNPs in a row for Zeke. Nothing like the fantasy semi finals and tempting fate with a backup running back play. Wheels up time
  2. Now a Christian Kirk groin injury. I refuse to pick up the corpse of Larry Fitz....so it is wheels up time?
  3. I haven't seen much written about Diontae by beat reporters so far. Am I missing the good stuff or has it been a little quiet so far? I think we are all eagerly awaiting to see how quickly DJ and Big Ben can build their chemistry, so this feels like an important data point out of training camp.
  4. 2017 I fell for the Joe Mixon hype train. I want to just avoid moderately expensive rookie RBs in general but they always pull me back in somehow.
  5. AJ Green injury concerns already popping up and Joe Burrow is hopefully an immediate upgrade over last year's quarterback play based on his college resume. The Burrow / Jefferson connection has been cast upon Tyler Boyd so far in preseason, but the Bengals defense may be the bigger talking point. If the Bengals are constantly chasing games and in the occasional shootout, we can project Boyd for a similar amount of volume as last season out of the slot. Boyd is never necessarily an exciting pick but could be that consistent flex player that gets you through tough parts of your seaso
  6. Looking at $1 late auction steals, how do you compare Campbell with the Anthony Millers, Curtis Samuels or Mike Williams of the world? All of those players are a little older and have shown a some more of what they can do, but none have necessarily taken off.
  7. I've been one of the biggest Melvin Gordon deniers in the past, always pointing to the YPC and writing him off as an inefficient RB. As we gear up for draft season, I'm looking at my potential blind spots on Gordon with the move to DEN that comes with a A) better offensive line better scheme and C) more offensive weapons in general that could add up to a better overall team, if the QB is up to it. Pat Shurmur has also been a one back play caller historically, but Lindsay has definitely earned his own role. I'm starting to think of MG as an unsexy, reliable RB2 that is moderat
  8. I agree that Jonnu is a great option because he has proved it on the field more. He is also stepping into a much larger target share with Delanie Walker gone. Looking purely at pass attempts and game script, the Titans and Panthers are going to be night and day. How many targets can Jonnu really expect this season vs. Thomas? Fantasy is all about opportunity first and foremost.
  9. My TE strategy this year is to go all in on Ian Thomas after aggressively going after Kelce and Kittle. With Carolina's decimated defense and a projected uptempo offense with the new coaching staff, there will be plenty of targets to go around. I think Robby Anderson is the real loser in this offense, not Ian Thomas over the middle as a quick outlet for Teddy.
  10. So much working in Kittle's favor this season before we consider his general dominance at the position: - Deebo's broken foot and WRs history with this injury if they are rushed back too early - Replacing a veteran (Sanders) with a very talented rookie (Aiyuk) and the learning curve that comes with that - Positive TD regression coming Kittle's way after only scoring 5 TDs the last two seasons - SF's defense primed for at least a little bit of regression after last year's freakish season
  11. Who is pulling the trigger on Pettis this week? Starting him over Westbrook and hoping for a 7 tgts/5 receptions/80 yards type of day, maybe we sneak in a TD. Deebo is all but out of this game also.
  12. This may be an unpopular opinion...but thoughts on DJ being a sell high with the following schedule coming up: @NYG (great matchup) @NO SF @TB @SF Bye I’m 3-3 with no time to wait around and his value might not get much higher. His pass catching skills are ridiculous but those are some tough defensive fronts he will be facing soon.
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