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  1. most labral issues don't require surgery i'd wait on it
  2. reminds of me tyreek hills emergence 2 seasons ago.. they will give this guy a ton more usage as the season goes on imo.. he won them the game today..
  3. ` Commenting on coopers mentality AND ridleys floor based on 4 games with a lot of conviction. Lmao
  4. I reached for this guy 2 rounds early on 1 day of research for this year. Booyah
  5. won't denzel ward lock him down? the #1 corner will always be on him
  6. Also, has anyone watched the cowboys offense the past few years? They love to have a pass catching back on 1st and 2nd down.. Alfred has never been known for that
  7. I drafted DMC so i'm biased but.. I don't understand why people don't get the "save DMC" argument. Has anyone followed his career? He is made of glass. Why would they risk him out there when they can have alf back up zeke. The suspension was lingering and to have a 100% healthy DMC on deck is ideal. To have him backup zeke, get injured and then have alfred/rod smith as the contingency plan is nearly as appetizing. It'll likely be a split anyway
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