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  1. They just signed Cohen to a 3yr 17mill$ extension.... it will be an awful committee
  2. Even with the chance of Gibson playing??
  3. This is a tough one. I think Cook has a way higher ceiling than Engram does in a game that will be an absolute shootout.
  4. I have Monty and if I had Akers I would go with him over Monty
  5. I feel like it hurts MT to be honest. It helps Kamara the most.
  6. I got Aiyuk and Lockett. I see Giants being behind vs Cleveland and having no chance to run the ball
  7. RB - Jones WR - A. Rob WR - Woods Flex - Akers TE - Tonyan
  8. Flex for my PPR league. My other WR's are Thomas, AJ Brown, Nuk....... Thanks for the help
  9. This all plays into me benching him this week. It's a gamble but after seeing what happened last week and now a bit of an injury concern. I'm setting him for Aiyuk.
  10. I don't see anything on either in regards to injuries on Roto. Cooks is expected to give it a go
  11. Dude..... let what go. He asked for some clarification and I tried to help. Sorry we had 4 posts in this 33 page thread
  12. https://www.lineups.com/nfl/snap-counts Sort for Baltimore and check out Week 14
  13. He was in on the very first play of the game. I don't remember seeing him after that. https://www.pennlive.com/baltimore-ravens/2020/12/baltimore-ravens-snap-count-analysis-mark-ingrams-one-play-of-action-raises-questions.html
  14. This has happened in past games. I remember a blowout game a few weeks back when Hunt was in on every down and was only spelled by Chubb occasionally.
  15. I wouldn't get that carried away. I'm just hoping for 6-10pts in PPR
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