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  1. Current roster: https://gyazo.com/9a71a929d2de5467f7926a2b35f1080b My team became strong again recently through trade and wire. Need to start 3 of Morris, Josh Gordon, Burkhead, Allen, Thielen, Drake for RB2, WR2, and FLEX spots; Dare I bench Allen? WHIR
  2. I personally wouldn't make the trade, you still have Thomas and Gronk, looking good.
  3. If you think you have a real shot at playoffs the trade makes sense to me.
  4. As the title says, conflicted with the offer I received of Brady + Sanu for my Hopkins + Carr in a 12-team standard Here is my squad currently: https://gyazo.com/183de42cf3ca3d426f5a61d1b205ae6f If I had Jordy with a healthy Rodgers I would do the trade no question, but am stuck with Thielen and Jordy as my receivers. WHIR
  5. I feel you, I have 3K pot on the line and it's foresight that wins seasons; I had rob kelley last year as a spec add on matt jones, flipped him and got second place. There wasn't much talk either about fat unfa rob out of tulsa and known as a plodder
  6. All I'm saying is you're overacting off of one game where the only other power back on the roster is mack brown; the history of WSH rb's holding their is quite suspect dating back to hightower
  7. Rofl. You are a prime example of a scrub on these forums that looks at the box score. It's about opportunity; did you even watch any tape of the game or just talking s--- about zero snaps, we get it. The game flow was trash, washington looked like trash. For the record, no one cares about your bench spot. The writing of the washington backfield is on the walls; Perine about to out-alfred morris-fat rob-matt jones-fat rob.
  8. He made joe mixon sit, Perine is going to take over, it's just a matter of when. Yung Earl Campbell, Perine falls forward literally every possession
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