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  1. 1 pt. ppr Start Ju-Ju Smith Schuster or Chase Claypool?
  2. I’d still go Big Ben but I’m a Steelers fan so I have trouble with bias.
  3. 1 pt. ppr Start K. Drake vs. Rams or E. Elliot vs. Eagles
  4. I would not make that trade as well. Would rather have Chubb at this point.
  5. Good chance I make the playoffs. 12 team ppr redraft. Would you deal Kenyan Drake for Justin Hebert? My RBs are: Dalvin Cook, James Conner, Antonio Gibson, and Chase Edmunds. My QB is Josh Allen, so Hebert would be my backup after this. I'm not desperate for a win, but wondering if it's worth it to have a nice back up for the playoffs and if Drake is worth sending away for one. Leave a link and I'll look at yours too. Thanks.
  6. 1ppr Who should I start on my flex? D. Swift (vs ATL) or C. Godwin (vs. LV)
  7. Start Josh Hill vs Arizona or Dallas Goedert vs Buffalo? 1 ppr
  8. I would rather have him over Hunt and RoJo, so I would pick him up and drop one of them.
  9. I can trade Mark Andrews for Dak Prescott or I can wait and try and grab Josh Allen off waivers after this week. My current TE is H. Henry and my current QB is P. Rivers. .5 ppr. Would you deal Andrews for Prescott as an upgrade or just wait and try and grab Allen off waivers and stream between him and Rivers? I need some wins too.
  10. .5 ppr H. Henry is my TE P. Rivers is my QB Would you trade Mark Andrews to upgrade to Dak Prescott at qb?
  11. Henry, Conner, Gurley, Damien Williams, R Jones,
  12. I think I’d go with Williams. 49ers defense is really good and even though 1/2 ppr good chance Williams gets a higher floor with some catches.
  13. 1/2 Ppr keeper league. Would you drop DK Metcalf or MVScantling for Darrell Henderson Jr. ? I am a Gurley owner as well. DK and Scantling would be my 5th or 6th wr on depth chart.
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