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  1. Today is the day if you are gonna start Bo I think
  2. You're trading potential startable players for a lottery ticket... Who are your starters?
  3. Feels like Cooks/Sammy in my team. Frustrating with these high picks that you probably should drop.
  4. Sutton is a beast. Tough matchup. Why do you have to start Fant?
  5. Woof. I like RBs > WR typically. Hard to trust any of those. Probably Renfrow unless you believe in Hill.
  6. Im a big believer in RB lottery tickets/keeping them away from my opponents. In the beginning of the season I was looking stacked at WR depth, but now I cant really trust Watkins/Cooks/Brown. All have floors of zero which I hate. Shepard/Beasley/Amendola are the top owned WR on the WW
  7. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Team below: 12 Team, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FlexQB: Josh AllenRB: Cook, Singletary, Miles Sanders, Mattison, Guice, Bo, Jon WilliamsWR: Davante Adams, Amari Cooper, Brandon Cooks, Sammy Watkins, Hollywood BrownTE: WallerK: StreamingDef: Buffalo
  8. Lots of good matchups and options, hard call. I typically start running backs over WRs due to volume and lower floors. Parker playing well lately. Crowder gets volume. Robinson depends if you trust Mitch. Kind of a coin flip sorry.
  9. voted buffalo at home against a QB with 3 starts, pick 6 baby
  10. Brown has been a consistent beast all season.
  11. Why do you like Sammy Watkins over Cooks?
  12. With all the NE WR injuries I like white here.
  13. Guice if AP doesn't go, otherwise flip a coin between Guice and Murray. Ballage is bad on a bad offense/line.
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