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  1. Cooper has been living off his "potential" ever since. Crabtree has always been a better receiver and will remain so until the raiders draft a better receiver. This guy is a classic waste of talent. We so many of these kids in the NFL. Great physical talent, 0 mental talent. Rather start guys like Agholor, Marvin Jones and Cooper kupp over this guy at this point.
  2. I'm pretty impressed with that vision and quickness. Not bad at all
  3. Can't believe i drafted this bum. My first drop of the season and hopefully the last. This was a dumb pick, i could have gotten someone like Kumara who at least sees the field.
  4. Theres something about Dak + Dez that doesnt work. Romo + Dez was much better.
  5. Hes nice, i like him. 26 yr old, still young. Just decent everywhere. Expecting 900-1k for 6-7 tds this year as long as hes healthy. Not worried about buck allen, he'll get his touches as well. Greg roman has always been a solid RB coach.
  6. Watched the game. Came away impressed. Dude's a baller and goff trusts him. Watkins on the other side helps him as well. Solid WR3, IMO
  7. Giants badly need a run game and OBJ in the game. And when i say Giants, im mainly talking about Eli.
  8. Prescott is one of the most overrated QB in the league. Constant media attention will make you think otherwise though. Nice speed, decent pocket awareness. Thats about it. Everything else he does is merely average. A poor mans Russell Wilson per say.
  9. Owned Abdullah and now own washington. I do not own forsett. I honestly dont understand this over the top hype at all. Washington is pretty talented player, i can agree with that. But the lions are absolutely idiotic. They'll give forsett more touches than washington this week.
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