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  1. I love these so called experts saying he is a drop, because he played just like 30% of the snaps. It was his 1st game back, I wonder if many of them even watch football
  2. Maybe we can get the old Watson.. Run run run
  3. Uhhhg, I might have to tough it out.I don't have anyone I want to drop. I am not playing the QB game... I am rolling Watson out each week with conference . [...]
  4. I read from a reporter... That he was running hard and making cuts on the side
  5. I think Cincy beats Pittsburg out right, with or with out Ben
  6. I know about his contract, but many here in Dallas... Thinks this will be his last year as a Cowboy
  7. I am not playing the QB game... I am rolling Watson out each week with conference . [...]
  8. I think Harry will help Meyers, doesn't matter.... NE has always used the slot
  9. I need him, I rolled the dice and dropped Bernard last week.. Needed a WR
  10. he is on the plane with team to SF... wonder how much he will play ? I bet Aaron misses him
  11. listen, the oline will get healthier and better. Dalton doesnt suck, and they have some great match ups coming. I would for sure grab Pollard, Zeke is also dinged right now.
  12. i knew i would get that response. He is still the #1 WR on a NFL team. They have just missed him on many throws. Its a deep league, just wanted to know if he is playing this week. Cant find any info
  13. trying to decide who is the better stash, he or Pollard.
  14. I am not making it about me, its about my cat Larry
  15. that doesnt sound very promising ... I was thinking about picking him up, and stashing him this week
  16. ya for this week... unless Jones has extended time out
  17. I dropped Laviska for him, needed help this week. I hope I dont regret it. Maybe he is the true handcuff to Jones
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