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  1. 1. Two seemingly good RBs on the roster. 2. A rookie QB. A damn good prospect but still a rookie. 3. A new front office that from everything we’ve seen is...interesting to say the least and one can go as far as saying inept. 4. An offensive line that’s meh at best and likely below average. Not sure why anyone would want anything to do with this backfield.
  2. I mean the Texans were on the basement floor and then they brought out a shovel.
  3. Remember when Jordan Howard was going to be a 3 down monster and Derrick Henry was working on his hands to become a 3 down back as well? As the post above says, every single RB is suddenly doing everything they can to look like CMC from now until August.
  4. The tape or NE didn’t expose anything. He was never able to throw and his throwing stats were bad all year. That was true before the NE game and it remained true during. The team was heading for a top 3-5 pick without Tebow and with Tebow ended up making the playoffs and beating a 12-4 team with the best defense in the league. You can argue it was a fluke but Tebows ability to inspire the team and be mind-bogglingly clutch shouldn’t be sold short. NE ended up going to the Super Bowl and was the #1 seed in the AFC. Losing to the best team in the AFC isn’t exactly getting exposed.
  5. You mean all the elites and then like 90% of everyone else? He will get there. He looked nervous enough I’m sure having some sticky on his hat wouldn’t help that.
  6. Most people would agree that the Giants roster is pointing up. The problem is PisEdiRin seems like he wants to get a room with Gettleman.
  7. DeGrom is a reach as of now for a comparison. I prefer Randy Johnson.
  8. Easily the most exciting player to watch in the entire league in my opinion. Generational claims for players are 99% of the time exaggerations but he really is different. Problem still remains that their line is awful though and Jones has looked like a bum himself. You also have to factor in that he has only been able to finish 1 season and the way he runs isn't exactly the safest for a back. His running style is pretty susceptible to lower body injuries. I still like him as a top 5 pick (maybe even 3rd) but man I don't have as much confidence as one should in a top 5 pick. A lot of that
  9. I’m pretty sure this is Gettlemans burner account at this point
  10. The video was probably made by Gettlemans kid. Otherwise known as @PisEdiRin
  11. France is the worst ******** fielder I’ve ever seen so that should be the case
  12. A team that decides to release this **** isn't coming out with a winning record.
  13. It may be splitting hairs (I don’t think so) but there’s a difference between “they figured US out” and “they figured ME out”. Defenses started to run a lot of cloud coverage against Seattle and 5 men blitzes with cover 3 behind. All designed to take away the deep ball. Except instead of throwing it short Wilson continued to throw it deep into coverages designed to take the deep ball away. There were instances DK was open for 5-10 yards and Wilson wouldn’t throw the ball. This led to him holding onto it longer and combined with the blitzes led to more sacks. Defenses figured out how to ta
  14. He’s Dave Gettlemans biggest fan. I’d expect him to be bad at evaluating talent.
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