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  1. No they aren’t I’m pretty sure that was sarcastic (I hope). He’s likely to settle in the 60-90 range by the time draft day roles around. If they don’t do much else in terms of RB I’ll probably value him around 75ish.
  2. Just hit the “@“ and start typing. A drop down should pop up. @P@ckersFan
  3. Mike Davis isn’t that good and the Falcons haven’t done a good job of producing relevant RBs so no thanks...
  4. It's not? I don't get this point at all and it's always pushed on here. Late round RBs are usually 2nd or 3rd string RBs which means they will contribute only if there is an injury and even that is not guaranteed. You can still get legit WRs in the later rounds that have legit TD potential on any given week or breakout potential. You basically have a useless player that only contributes if an injury happens and even that is not certain. Just look at this years ADP after 100: RBs: Murray, M. Davis, Freeman, Mattison, Edwards, McFarland, etc. WRs: Hilton, Davis, Sutton, M, Jones,
  5. Again, it is the same thing i've said multiple times. The chance that all these 20+ women got assaulted is pretty much zero. There's going to be some gold diggers in there. BUUUUTTT... The chance that all these women are in it for a money grab with somehow similar stories? Also pretty much zero. The reality is only 1 needs to stick.
  6. So, what teams do y’all want from round 3-7?
  7. The Seattle Seahawks select Elijah Molden, CB, Washington. Corner is probably the biggest need for Seattle and Molden is a guy that can contribute right away. He does suffer a bit in athleticism and isn’t the quickest corner out there but his instincts, football IQ, work ethic, and overall feel for the game are incredible. Can be a year one contributor for a team working in a tighter title window. @smeeze Donald is a bully on and off the field
  8. You know who else was extremely good in college, had all the accuracy, IQ, and mental, and fell in the draft because of no mobility?
  9. He's not a 3 down back and never will be. He's been in the league for 3 years and has only broken 60% snap count 4 times and 15 touches twice. Of course this is his first year where he has a real opportunity but he has never been a big snap big touch kind of guy. I think one of the better case scenarios is you have him be a 1/2 punch with someone else where he gets like 9 carries a game and 4 receptions or so. He can finish the season around 650/4 & 65/450/4 which averages just to under 14 PPG in PPR and just under 12 half-PPR. So mid tier RB2 in PPR and lower end RB2 in half. Still bette
  10. Yeah idk why I read it as UFA. Point is still the same though. An UDFA threatening touches is an unlikely case. Of course it happens but 99% of the time they do nothing.
  11. What FA? They just signed an injury prone RB and all the ones left in FA are washed. There’s no way they sign Conner and then another terrible back. The draft maybe but they don’t have too much picks. If they land Harris or Williams in the second round then sure but it’s not too likely they go RB. I’m sure a day 3 guy can make some noise (there’s some good prospects) but again, it’s not that likely. Edmonds isn’t that great of a keeper for sure but I can honestly see him returning flex value in PPR leagues on a weekly basis. Of course it depends on what happens before the season and durin
  12. Conner is probably the perfect scenario for Drake. Obviously the Cardinals were going to take care of their RB needs. Assuming Conner is the end (which is likely) they took care of their needs by signing an injury prone RB who sucks. So the door will be open for Edmonds this year. Will he become a bell cow? No but he can turn out to be a nice value pick in half-PPR and PPR.
  13. He will have a better career also. Although who knows if Jones is selected third because SF is the dream landing spot for a QB.
  14. I agree but you want to also limit risk. I honestly will never go WR/WR/TE/QB or any combination where one of the first 4 picks is not a RB. I don't care how the draft is shaping up it isn't going to happen. WR/TE or WR/WR maybe in certain instances but I want my RBs even in PPR. The reality is RBs are the most injury prone, the most dominant when you hit on your picks, and also the hardest to stream off the wire because those dudes are getting you 2 points. So having at least one legit RB and good depth seems like a must even in PPR.
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