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  1. If he wants out he wants out. FTR, I 100% side with Wilson. Since Paul Allen has passed away the rumors are Carroll has been able to run around with no accountability. As I mentioned earlier, I would can Carroll and be done with it. Wilson is worth 10x. Just look at Brady and Bill...
  2. It’s not. Wilson is pissed. I’d be pretty surprised also but doesn’t make it manufactured.
  3. Seahawks should fire Carroll’s dinosaur a** and let Wilson pick his coach instead of dealing with this bullshit.
  4. Might as well give my two cents on DK headed into the season. He can honestly finish with something like 65/1100/8 or 80/1500/14. Over his first 8 games he had a pace of 1,576/16. Over his last 8 1,030/2. That's a huge difference and I tend to lean towards valuing second half production when evaluating players as it is more showing of the trend. The offense was a mess and Carroll is an idiot. The ancient offense does not work and Wilson is clearly pissed off by how this team is being run. Hopefully Waldron can change that but with Carroll's choke hold on the organization I wouldn't
  5. Who would’ve ever thought Lonzo would basically become a 3&D player (although he does run the offense at times). Still think a trade benefits him though. Don’t see why he can’t average 14/7/7 on a team where he can actually run point.
  6. He has the potential for sure. It was one of his main comparisons going into college. One thing to mention is that while I know Mike Hopkins was highly respected at Syracuse he has been an awful coach for the Huskies. The offense he runs is absolute straight trash. They’re sitting at the bottom of the table this year with the worst offense in the conference. Stewart and McDaniels were both viewed as elite lottery prospects (Stewart even top 3 upside) and they were trash last year. Point is, it may take a bit for him to develop. I think he has more dynasty upside because the talent is
  7. Literally the only thing he can provide value in is scoring and FT%. He doesn’t get to the line and he doesn’t score. So... Bum confirmed
  8. Watched him in college. No he can’t. These Durant comparisons need to stop every time a tall guy that can dribble and shoot above average comes into the league. Durant averaged 20 PPG in his rookie season and hasn’t looked back averaging over 25 PPG every season since. Can he be an all star? Yes. Can he even be a top 10 player? If he develops right his size and natural abilities may get him there. However, he is no Durant just like everyone else that is and was compared to him isn’t. Durant is a once in a lifetime generational talent.
  9. Imagine thinking this dude doesn't suck total a**.
  10. Wizards as well. Also I've had a few weeks where I just had random players miss games but opponent didn't. Never really had the same luck. So again, it all depends. The thing with fantasy basketball is you can't replace players for games. In fantasy football if you have a guy out to something like COVID sure your backup may be worse but it's still a backup. Here you are just eating 0s.
  11. It is not going to all even out. Each situation is 100% luck based and it hitting you or your opponent harder is 100% luck based. So if you are unlucky, you are going to get hit harder than your opponent. It's like a coin flip and there's nothing saying it won't land on tails 5 times in a row. Also, just wait until the fantasy playoffs. We will see how luck based people start to think it is then...
  12. COVID has made fantasy basketball more luck dependent than fantasy football and that's saying a lot...
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