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  1. Unfortunately y’all going to have to wait a bit. At a wedding, I’ll get it done by tonight though. No lies this time.
  2. It’s only been like 2 hours. Sheesh… Jarvis Landry
  3. That’s not his problem though. His problem is swinging at sliders 5 feet off the plate.
  4. Used ESPN now use Sleeper. Indifferent on both tbh
  5. I don’t have Yahoo so I’ll have to make an account. I’ll do it sometime this weekend though.
  6. The 80s averaged .25 FTA per FG. It was only .19 this year. In fact, the 80s shot more fts than any other era.
  7. I don’t get how you can be so a** when getting called up
  8. If you put Derozan in the 80s he would retire as the GOAT
  9. Sorry a bit busy. I’ll make the pick a bit later tonight. My apologies to @1972Miamidolphins. You may have to resort to the bottle.
  10. So uh- this catch was pretty cool huh?
  11. Using the wrong form of "your" once is alright. Twice? Can't let it slide.
  12. Kamara averaged 2.5 receptions per game last season when Brees was out. He's been very dependent on TDs and receptions because his rushing volume is very low for a top 5 pick. Now he is going to have a QB that doesn't throw to RBs often and a team that is going to offer less scoring opportunities. Thomas or not he isn't worth a top 5 pick.
  13. Players are playing at an elite level until 35+ now. It's just one more advantage on the long list of advantages modern players have over guys from the past. That means he has 8-9 years or so of high end production left. He can win 3 more rings during that span and 2 more MVPs. If he continues to play how he plays that will put him in the top 5 of all time.
  14. This is a big part of it. It may seem like a tin foil hat idea but the dude has been closer to Antonio Brown the last year or two than anyone else.
  15. The most upvoted post in this thread is comparing an optional vaccine to a dictatorship that committed genocide and killed 20M people. Alright… I bet you people weren’t saying the NFL is a dictatorship for suspending guys for smoking weed eh? I mean it is their right…
  16. Maybe. He deleted the initial tweet but he has tweeted stuff since. He tweeted "freedom?" and something about how his girlfriends brother had issues after taking the vaccine. I do agree that it's unlikely he steps away from the game. He's set to make big money in like 2023 and 2024. Doubt he walks away from around 40M over a damn vaccine. Again though, you never know. He's still made good money and we've seen players chose their health over the game numerous times. Again, what anyone here thinks about the vaccine doesn't matter but if this dude believes it'll harm him then nothing is out of th
  17. Hopefully things stay football related and this thread doesn't turn into a total **** show. Just a heads up no one gives a **** about your opinion on COVID or vaccines on this forum. However, considering the dude is talking about not playing I would say it's pretty relevant. Don't know how serious he is but it would suck to have him sit out after spending a top 2 pick. We've seen players sit out already for seemingly insignificant reasons.
  18. The funny thing is in terms of scoring the toughest era EVER was from like the mid 90s to mid 2000s and honestly it's not close at all. That's when PPG really tanked. The NBA introduced zone defense resulting in making it tougher to score, pace of play grinded to a halt, and teams started using multiple centers. It was just an ugly time to be on offense. Right now, teams are scoring pretty much what teams scored in the early to mid 80s. Teams were averaging damn near 50% from the field back then. Even during the early part of Jordan's career teams were scoring a lot. Not only that, teams
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