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  1. Steelers run percentage by year: 2020: 34% 2019: 42% 2018: 32% 2017: 40% 2016: 41% 2015: 38% 2014: 39% There's this misconception that Tomlin is a run heavy coach. He isn't and has never been. They're never in the top 10 in run percentage and in fact spend most years around the bottom 10 even with Bell. One reason Bell got so much carries is because he was the only guy getting touches but also because their offense was so good and ran a ton of plays. Their offense is no longer that good which means there is likely not going to be that much touches.
  2. If in every draft someone is reaching for him in the 4th round wouldn’t that make his ADP the 4th round?
  3. They just lucked into two franchise QBs. Prior to Farve, they made the playoffs once in the past 20 years. On top of all this, I doubt any elite QB will even want to stay with the team after how dirty they’ve been doing Rodgers. Keep in mind this is after their other QB that drug them from irrelevance had to ask for a release after nearly 20 years.
  4. If he has like 250/4 rushing that means he needs to put up around 4400/33 over 16 game stretch to just be a QB1. Or if he wants to stick closer to his usual 3,800 yards he would need around 37 TDs. So you either believe he can maintain his rushing TDs on his very low rushing volume or his passing numbers see a huge tick up. That's just to crack QB1 numbers. Personally, i'm not too confident in either happening so I rather draft like Ryan or Stafford.
  5. Odell Beckham suffered a bunch of injuries and has had his production decline every year in the league. Julio is the best WR in the last decade. Not the best comparison.
  6. These tests are irrelevant considering Bell was clearly overweight and lost a lot of weight which means he was faster and any tests done at a teams own facility should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt. Claiming Harris is faster and more athletic than prime Bell is wrong. Even if it wasn’t wrong (it is) Bells athleticism isn’t what set him apart. It was his patience, vision, route running, and hands.
  7. Also I don’t think resigning Crowder is a sign that they want to go flat out dink and dunk. It was a no brainer move considering how cheap he was and he provides a nice veteran safety blanket for Wilson plus they needed WR depth either way. Wilson has a rocket and he will use it. If Mims is as good as some people think he will produce. Personally I’m not sold on him yet. Despite his speed he couldn’t separate in college and despite his size he struggled on 50/50 balls. Then you include his drop issues and it becomes a lot of fluff no substance. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him as a pr
  8. Maybe. I believe WRs should do good anywhere though if they’re actually elite. It’s not like RBs. Obviously certain factors can help them but I can’t think of an elite WR that was made irrelevant by bad coaching or bad QB play other than Brown for a few weeks by the abomination known as Vicks ghost.
  9. Last season he had 7 rushing TDs on 43 attempts. I'm not very confident those numbers hold. I think he realistically is more of a 250/4 type of guy rushing this season (16 game pace). That's fairly low in the modern NFL which means he would need to make up for it in the passing game and his passing volume just isn't consistent enough to make me confident. I understand he has performed great since he took over and in theory why shouldn't he continue to perform well. However, I just can't find the confidence when his rushing numbers are so low and his passing volume is also low. He just nee
  10. Howard is a great post hype post hype post hype post hype sleeper.
  11. There's a zero percent chance Mims gets traded. If he's actually good Crowder won't be a threat. If he isn't good enough to outproduce Crowder than he wouldn't be good enough either way. People really scared of a guy that never got 1,000 career yards being a threat. You either believe in the dudes talent or you don't. Crowder is irrelevant.
  12. Every rookie RB has high bust potential. There's absolutely zero reason to take a rookie in the first 4 rounds unless they have a very clear grasp on the starting role similar to Harris this year. He does not have a clear grasp on the starting job. He is more of a 7th round value or so. We will see if that's where he goes or if he rises to the 4th round because people love over drafting rookie RBs.
  13. He stopped caring about football the second the 2017 season ended. This was obvious by everything he did and frankly pictures of his fat a**. The Jets just decided to Jet and still pay him. The problem is people use this version of Bell to evaluate his entire body of work.
  14. If Bell is old news and irrelevant why did you compare Harris to him?
  15. This is a fantasy forum you don't have to do **** with that info. Steelers fans have so much salt in their mouth about Bell that it's pointless to reason with them about his career. I'm not the one that brought Bell up in this thread. In fact, the only reason I mentioned him is because you decided to start with absurdly claiming he is more of a complete back than Bell. That's the only reason his name is in this thread. If someone said Metcalf is a more complete WR than Calvin Johnson they deserve to get called out for it.
  16. Yes look at that one season and ignore everything else. From 2014-2016 he averaged 4.8 YPC and 8.8 YPR. CMC averaged 4.8 YPC and 8.7 YPR in his season a few years ago that won him OROY.
  17. Bell had a 4 year stretch where he averaged 137 YPG from scrimmage. The man stayed on a 16 game pace of 2,200 yards from scrimmage over 4 years. He won’t be a HOFer for reasons you mentioned and yes he struggled to finish some seasons due to injury/suspensions but Bell is the best RB of the decade from a skill standpoint and even production standpoint when on the field. He gave a middle finger to the entire league and then had his name drug through the mud resulting in a bunch of people slandering his game. All because he didn’t dominate on the worst team in the NFL after sitting out
  18. Also look at the Patriots. They traded away Jimmy G just to kill any rumors and also get more draft capital to try and win. At the time of the trade Jimmy G showed impressive promise and Brady was 40. Like I said, Rodgers hasn’t gone about this the best way but Packers are still clowns.
  19. Personally, I think restaurants would be a lot more exciting if there's a 5% chance the food contains cyanide. Would add to the experience.
  20. They got Julio to open up their big play ability. People think Julio is going to make this team pass more and maybe a bit but it's not nearly as drastic as people think. The Titans game plan is not changing. Run the ball, setup the pass, and go for the home run. Tannehill is an extremely underrated deep ball passer and Julio is almost the perfect fit to make the defense respect the pass more (opening up the run even more) and also the perfect fit to take the top off. People seem to think this addition will make them change their game plan when in reality it is just to maximize their curre
  21. Exactly. It's like he tried to pull the Farve -> Rodgers magic but failed to realize that Rodgers legitimately was going first overall in some mocks, was a sure fire consensus top 10 pick, and was going top 5 in most mocks. Imagine a guy like Fields sliding into the 20s. Not a talent comparison but a guy that was viewed as a top 3 pick (#2 consensus almost), for some reason got bumped down, and then for dumb GM reasons started to slide. No one would fault a team with an older QB for taking him because there comes a point when you cannot pass up a QB. Instead they decided to trade
  22. I’m pretty sure he said that to try and not piss off Rodgers. The Packers may be dumb but I refuse to believe a team would trade up without having a specific player they want at that spot. Basically saying “we traded up and took the best guy we had on our board” SHOULD sound better to Rodgers than “we gave up draft capital because we think this QB will be very good and your replacement.” Key word is should because they must think Rodgers is an idiot if he can’t see why they drafted Love. This is the entire problem. Rodgers is the reason the Packers have been relevant and they go draf
  23. NFL owner to player relationship doesn't work like regular jobs. These "employees" are the faces of the franchise. They are one of a kind and not replaceable. Especially guys like Rodgers. He alone makes the franchise millions on millions each game that they would not make with a replacement level QB. I don't particularly agree with the way Rodgers has gone about things but these teams f--- players over all the time and no one says anything. Guys put their body on the lines and suffer life damaging injuries and people give them crap for complaining because they make a lot of money yet own
  24. One of the weirdest WR career arcs i've ever seen. It's one of the toughest positions to transition into and almost every time during the first season the guy is learning and then he starts to break out. Odell started at the top and just declined ever since.
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