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  1. Lost my week after having Rams DST put my projection 25+ pts above my opponent because of Mclaurin, Aaron Jones, and benching Sanders for Kenyan Drake. I wanted to start Amari over McLaurin but got talked out of it by the internet. Shouldve went with my gut. See you guys next year...
  2. Im probably going to lose my playoff game because Lafleur decides to not give his 2nd best player the ball week 14. I will never touch a player on the packers not named Davante Adams ever again.
  3. What I dont understand is that he was solid for a decent stretch this season. What changed that he is now this terrible and getting no touches?
  4. Traded Darrell Henderson/Gaskin/Chark for Drake/McLaurin and thought I was a god...turns out I got fleeced
  5. I owned Lamar this year and I really want him on my team next year. I understand the whole “QB is replaceable” argument but youre basically drafting a RB1 with a QB designation. Mahomes value was based almost entirely on throwing so I knew he’d regress but Lamar seems safe because of how much his rushing elevates his floor. I’d love to be at the end of the 1st round so I can get a bell cow RB and scoop up Lamar at the turn.
  6. Lamar, Devante Parker, Deandre Washington, and Big Truss in that order .5 PPR
  7. I read on twitter (cant remember the analysts name) the Vikes oline was absolutely horrendous all night and it wasn’t really Boone’s fault. Regardless it sucks that he bombed so badly but I think there was an important lesson to be learned here. Start your studs and don’t get cute if you made it to championship week. I get starting Boone if you were ravaged by injuries but benching someone who’s been a reliable rb2 all year and hoping Boone was Cook 2.0 was a terrible decision.
  8. Hope you heal up and can make it back for playoffs. I love you Big Truss!
  9. I live near Cleveland and I’m pretty sure Kitchens is one of the most hated men in the entire state. Guy has been absolutely atrocious and if ownership was even slightly competent they wouldve fired him mid season. The guy was losing games to teams playing 2nd and 3rd string QBs.
  10. I dont think Chubb was a bad play, I always like going with a RB over a WR if I can help it and NO has had a great defense and added Janoris this week. Henry over Higbee would be the one that eats at me, he’s been so good lately and Henry has stunk it up. Assuming you were worried about Everett?
  11. I rolled with him and was pretty scared for a while as he came out flat but cant complain with what he got me as a fill in.
  12. No idea who this Wims guy is but Arob only getting 8 is a bummer. Ive got a large margin but would feel a lot better if he went for 15-20
  13. Up 61.8 but opponent has Boone and Jones. Feel like ill likely win but it would be my luck they both go for 30+
  14. Parker because Chark got hurt when you needed him most. Had Chark stayed healthy I think he was the clear #1 this year.
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