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  1. Wilson and Sean Payton would be downright scary.
  2. I don't think the Eagles will draft a QB (at #6). I think they really like Hurts and believe he is franchise QB material, otherwise why draft him and piss off Wentz?
  3. I like Waller but not at that price. I would counter offer 1 WR for him straight up.
  4. I know Frank Reich secretly wants this guy, except Ballard is too savvy to give much. However, I'd still try to twist his arm for a serious offer, if only to use as leverage against the Bears who are more likely to overpay.
  5. Tom Brady was great and obviously the Bucs thoroughly outplayed the Chiefs. Mahomes wasn't bad either, its just that he was running for his life for most of the game and his receivers kinda let him down with the drops. CEH showed some juice but not enough to be featured. Only 9 rushes for 64 yards and 2/3 receptions for 23 yards.
  6. Robinson and then I would be deciding between Cooper/Jacobs.
  7. PPR or standard? Antonio Brown and Barber.
  8. Cooks as long as he's healthy. Coutee if he doesn't play.
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