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  1. Plus, and I didn't actually see this part of the game, but the yahoo blurb said the cowboys had 1st and goal from the 4 and didn't give it to Zeke More missed opportunities. Still can't complain though, great production from what was a first overall pick for lots of us.
  2. First set and forget defense I've ever had and felt confident in. 10+ points in every game, now they're well rested and playing the Dolphins. Fire'em up!!
  3. I mean I got second in our league last year, but when he got eliminated, he turned into this pissy little "oh I don't care about this league anymore" whenever fantasy got brought up So if I win and he asks why I'm not playing next year, he'd say "oh ok cool bro I don't remember about last year but have fun not playing" and then constantly bring up fantasy whenever I'm around It's a lose-lose for me unless I can convince the commissioner to proceed with the trade -- OR unless the trade ends up getting vetoed and Miller/Freeman both end up blowing up and carrying me to a
  4. He knows I know what he is doing. Problem is, he doesn't care and he has the sheeple on his side.
  5. It honestly reeked of insecurity. I'd rather see "wow you suck" instead of a full paragraph about how I'm nothing but a scam artist who didn't even want to give me the chance to respond because he didn't include me on the damn email chain. He has one "workplace BFF" and the rest are suckups who wouldn't dare cross their corporate overlord It's embarrassing. Pays well enough though lmao
  6. I honestly can't figure out which is sadder A.) He's too afraid of me to include me in his trash talk or B.) He has to make sure he has total control over everyone in the league and thinks they are incapable of thinking for themselves when it comes to evaluating their own trades
  7. I just found out he sent an email to everyone a week ago when I was shopping around Freeman + Coleman that said "DO NOT TRADE with (my name), he is trying to fleece you" (that's the short version). Didn't have the balls to send it to me too.
  8. In a work league, I traded Devonta Freeman and Lamar Miller for Tyreek Hill. It got vetoed, and I found out my boss was messaging minimum two other people and telling them to veto. What kind of ******** bull**** is this? He's intentionally messaging the ones who will do what he says because he's their boss, even though fantasy football and work are two totally separate entities.
  9. Lost by 0.7. Had to stay up past like 12:30AM just to watch Brandon Cooks fall 8 yards short of giving me a W. Went against Tyreek AND Kamara and still managed to keep it that close.
  10. I saw "Saquon Deez Nuts" earlier today, worth a post
  11. Got Gurley'd. The injuries really ****** this year
  12. TE1 this week, Gronk WHO?!?? Kelce hasn't busted a move in a minute, he's style all over the Dolphins
  13. I have JuJu over Josh Gordon and Golden Tate, FWIW.
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