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  1. why is hyde point projection 12.3 on ESPN and deejay 7.1 lol
  2. Same. I don't see why they would bring him up to the active 53 with Penny/Carson coming back along with homer/deejay still here
  3. i remember reading somewhere that if alex collins gets brought up a 3rd time he will have to stick to the active 53 man roster & can no longer send him back to the PS
  4. I'm 6-3 in my PPR league. would you trade MY Drake/Gollladay for HIS Ekeler/Shepherd? Ekeler looks to be getting back sooner than later per his IG & Shepherd would be my #2/3 wr. I'm scared of the holliday injury with no MRI or timeline in place along with the contract dispute. So would you do it? Playoffs start week 14
  5. with the contract dispute i believe he may sit out the year with an "injury"
  6. How would this not help cobb as well? like it does cooks?
  7. with CMC coming back from injury. hopefully close to 100%. 3-5 record doing everything possible to win games to have a chance at the playoffs? Kamara having MT & ES come back taking targets away and a 5-2 record. who has the higher workload and more fantasy relevancy ROS? PPR league
  8. Thin at WR now that i lost Golladay and OBJ. Current WRs are Mclaurin/Kirk/Cobb/Reagor. PPR League
  9. did GILMORE cover him all game or did TPatrick take over as the #1? I had high hopes for this kid. bummer
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