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  1. This is why I spread my odds this year. 8 team, all same settings, buy ins etc. 4 made do 1st round Champion ship, 3 left in Finals.
  2. you can drop. i'll take as much value as I can via trade.
  3. Accepted offer give: D Montgomery for DJ Traded TY Hilton for Chalk yesterday right during rumor mill hours.
  4. Give Damien Williams and Dorsett Received Wentz and Kirk
  5. traded away Damien for Kirk and Wentz before the game. Good trade?
  6. Kelce will be fine because he hasn't done anything this season yet. So more of the same.
  7. Give: Zeke/Scary Terry Get: DJ/Gallup I think i got the short end of the stick but we shall see.
  8. considering you are 0-5, and Gurley is very TD dependent right now. I'd take the deal.
  9. i am getting Juju and DJ with this deal. would u still take it?
  10. Samuel is out for a month. Connor is all by himself. I'd stay put.
  11. you need someone better than Mixon. U are giving up #2 and #3 RB for #1RB + #8RB
  12. I'd keep #1 WR on a Crappy Offense (with new coach) vs a #2 WR on a Crappy Offense.
  13. no way, decline that. see if you can get Ekler from him though. Fuller for Ekeler.
  14. I am not too worried about DJ right now to be spending #1 waiver. I'd wait to see how thing shake out, at most he'll be Questionable for 1 week.
  15. I wouldn't even trade Theilen for Ertz straight up.
  16. RB: Zeke, Gordon, DWill, Freeman WR: Boyd, McLaurin, Dorsett, Dontee Johnson TE: Hockenson/Doyle Was offered DJ and Juju for Zeke and Hockenson Pull the trigger?
  17. I am not high on KJ, Boyd will probably be WR1 in Cincy next year and beyond after AJ final year
  18. If you can get Cook giving up Juju and Ekler and DJax i'd do it.
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