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  1. I wont Darkwa bid last night for $45/$150 (Max FAAB). I had $148 left before the bid. Traded Darkwa for DJ I currently have Zeke, Howard, A Jones, Cohen. .5PPR, 2 RB 1 Flex league. I don't think i would start Darkwa this week in the flex spot and hes on bye next week. So its a gamble on my end to not have Zeke backup. What do you think?
  2. Dak + Fitz + Ingram for Zeke and Mack would be my offer http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677650-trade-offered-benjamin-hunt-freeman-m-thomas-whir/
  3. You would get robbed. DECLINE help me http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677650-trade-offered-benjamin-hunt-freeman-m-thomas-whir/
  4. If i had Powell and Riddick, I'd drop Riddick for Mack. help me: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677650-trade-offered-benjamin-hunt-freeman-m-thomas-whir/
  5. No, look like Henry starting to turn the lead. Smith not going to score like he did the first 5 games, its a game of statistics, eventually they will even out. Help me: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677650-trade-offered-benjamin-hunt-freeman-m-thomas-whir/
  6. FULL PPR I was offered Benj and Hunt for my Freeman + M Thomas My WR: Thomas, Alshon, Garcon, Digg, C Davis RB: Hyde, Freeman, A Jones, Cohen, Henry, Breida, Darkwa Good trade? Who wins? Post your link to question I'll answer. thanks
  7. after the trade you will be weak at RB, people know u are weak at RB and trading for one would be harder.
  8. fair deal. I like having Fournette than Julio. one break out game and goose egg the next few.
  9. McCoy has RB1 potential, so far he has not been RB1. I'd look for Fournette or Hunt deal with the way Hopkin play lately.
  10. David Johnson is also made out of glass by your argument, he was out 1st game of the year. Mont is a WR, look like when he come back healthy he'll be a Kamara or Sprole
  11. if you dont have a need to start CJ, i'd go with Jordy, Julio doesn't seem to get RZ look these days. in standard league he does even worst.
  12. Cook has not live up to his ADP where I drafted him, but Allen i got for free so its almost like i got Zeke in the 2nd round. Brady has too many receiver to feed.
  13. Pryor, then check after the game, if he stink again, get Corey.
  14. thats crazy, 12 team PPR and McKinnon still avail? and Jones? What!
  15. I gave Allen and Cook for Zeke Team after trade: WR: AJ, Hopkin, Fitz, Sander RB: Hunt, Zeke, Cohen, Collin I think I won in the trade. what yall think?
  16. dooooo it. who are you waiting for? Zeke to be dropped?
  17. thanks. holding strong. i've ask for k Allen instead but doubt that would be accepted.
  18. Dickson, Cam seem to be his old self in the last 2 games.
  19. I am giving away A Jones and Funches for Sanders: This if FULL PPR league WR: AJ Green, Hopkin, Cook, Fitz, Funchess RB: Hunt, Howard, Cohen, Jones, Gore, Allen, Collin Pull the trigger?
  20. while denver D is great in real life football, they don't translate to good D in fantasy. Detroit D looks better imo.
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