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  1. He is the reason why Hyde play hurt last week. Might lose his job if he didn't (like Coleman 2 years ago).
  2. Standard league w only 5 benches. Who would u stash? Breida AP Foreman J Williams pick 2
  3. not after this week's Hilton break out. Perhaps if u can throw in some up and comming RB if u got any.
  4. why you think so? Carson got the job now. He already shown what he can do, when Mixon got the ball in the last 2 game, he hasn't shown much.
  5. Made a trade last week, i give up Cooper for Gurley and Sander. Then this before thursday game in another league, traded McCoy and Martin for Gurley and D Thomas. Very excited to own him, even though I had to cheer against him since I had to face him before he traded to be for week 4.
  6. This was accepted before tnf i give martin quiz and mccoy i get. Gurley d thomas and sprole who wins?
  7. play your stud. help me http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/669251-trade-offered-mccoy-adams-cooper-gurley-whir/
  8. I was offered in 1 ppr. 12 man mccoy and d adams. For cooper and gurley Shoukd i accept? Seem even to me whir
  9. rb line up is weaker than WR. digg is very dependent on fragile QB.
  10. 12 team PPR. Someone just dropped Engram this morning due to concussion news. Is he worth a #1 waiver? my TE is Fleener no other backups.
  11. probably due to concussion news. they immediately swap him for Cook.
  12. is he worth #1 waiver? someone just dropped him in my PPR 12 man league.
  13. WR: Sander, JJ Nelson, R Matthews, TY, Maclin RB: Hyde, Gurley, DJ (IR) and some scubs this would put my WR corp down very thin. Its a double flex league WR/RB/TE and PPR.
  14. lol half of the league quit, maybe just re-draft the whole thing. and consider looking at the league setting to see why everyone quit.
  15. Up by exactly 1.10pts in PPR. Other team is done, i have Golladay left. Should I bench him for a win and risk a correction or play him but he might fumble and get negative pts....
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