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  1. Oh wait which Thomas are you referring to? not M. Thomas?
  2. Is mnf kickers avail? Does your opp has player in mnf game? If not wait u might not need a kicker
  3. traded Amari/Kelley for Gurley/gollaway/e sander. To replace DJ
  4. I think TY > Cooper once luck is back. so i'll hold on to him now and grind it out for a few weeks. Trade clicked! but wont get gurley till monday. so hope for no injuries on both side.
  5. You pick him up. once he is reinstated, package him w another player to upgrade your squad. I am sure some people will overpaid for him once he can play.
  6. Lost DJ in my PPR league Roster before trade: WR: TY, Maclin, Cooper, R. Mathews RB: Hyde, Rawl, Kelley (DJ on IR) I give up Cooper and R. Kelley for Gurley/E. Sander + Gollaway This is a 2 flex league. What ya think? I think it help both teams...
  7. Didn't see this thread anywhere, where it is?
  8. I like Maclin last week what are you talking about? I'd roll w him.
  9. no i hope he does ok this game, and everyone drop carson for me to pick up.
  10. 12 team standard setting: WR: Pryor, D. Adam, Maclin RB: Freeman, Murray Bench: Powell, Carson, Breida, Kamara, Engram I give Powell, and received Parker. Is this a steal?
  11. someone dropped T Coleman in my PPR league, how much should I bid? $100 budget. $25?
  12. u dont want cohen because of workload? what kind of league setting do u have? point per not getting hit?
  13. Younghoe got penetrated by Denver D. Is that too dirty?
  14. howard/olsen is a safer play. I don't think lynch/gronk will give you all 16 games (combined)
  15. yes. you might as well quit. you drafted badly
  16. on yahoo. click "get a new team" then click on Yahoo private league.. if you state is banned you probably wont see that option though.
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