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  1. Hi, i'm a seasoned fantasy player, diamond yahoo ranking, looking for a couple of new leagues to play in send me some info if you have openings or a new league
  2. Hi, i have some openings in my yahoo dynasty league and i'm also looking for other leagues to join i am a fantasy veteran and very committed manager
  3. Hey, we are looking for a replacement manager for this team this is a 14 team dynasty H2H league with a proper forum where we discuss and do the draft if you are active on yahoo and on the forum and a fantasy freak, league freak is something for you pg Chris Paul, beverly sg tony allen, kyle korver, jj redick, bojan bogdanovic, nick young sf demarre carroll , kelly oubre pf greg monroe, lamarcus aldridge c jonas valanciunas picks 7,17,23 in this years rookie draft pm or mail me if interested
  4. something like that for me too. But nothing beats the eye i think, you can read all you want but seeing them play
  5. I saw bogdan play a couple of times in the euro league and i like him a lot , could be a real factor for the kings. I also think Skal is going to have a big season.
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