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  1. FYI...Thompson injured his toe per WAS Twitter (which is why Rob Kelly was in during their two minute drive) but returned to finish the game. Fingers crossed it isn't serious.
  2. As a Hunt owner, I've found it curious that West is on every single two minute drill without fail. If you're starting West, at least you have that going for ya! Good luck to those of you that do!
  3. My gut (which is often wrong) is telling me that Baldwin is okay enough to play and will play early on. It’s also telling me that the Seahawks will rest Baldwin as soon as the game is in hand...which, based on the Seahawks offensive performance last week plus knowing how poor our Indy D is (Davis is looking like he’s back but I don’t trust him to be 100% yet) should be early on. So we’re banking on an early TD/long run early in the game...it feels really boom or bust and so for that reason, I’m out. (I’m rolling the dice with Djax as the preferred boom or
  4. Uhhh...I hate to be the voice of dissent but Hyde is in a contract year. He’s going to kill himself to get out there to get paid. All the more reason to be high on Breida...Hyde’s probably going to push himself right into (yet another) injury in an effort to get paid. Im personally hoping Hyde plays this week only to get himself sidelined for an extended period of time
  5. Agree to taking a swing and adding him but after last week, which saw Blount with (I believe) zero carries, it felt like the Eagles FO was trying to move on from Blount only to realize they still need him. I don't know, this has the makings of a clusterfk but I got a spot on my roster to take a stab in the dark.
  6. the most encouraging thing about yesterday was that Cohen proved he could produce even with Howard gets the majority of the load. The Bears also have a package of plays which feature them both coming out of the backfield in an effort to find mismatches (see goal line TD from week 1). Extremely exciting to own and watch him. Legit PPR stud!
  7. I totally understand why the fantasy traditionalists aren't high on him: "he doesn't get enough touches, he's too small, he's just a third down back" And for many players they would be right but it's becoming clear that we're seeing a shift in the NFL towards specialists that create mismatches (Cohen, McCafferty, etc). These guys are proving they can produce despite their limited touches and it's clear when watching them that they are more electric when they touch the ball. Excited to see how his season unfolds!
  8. Gordon left in the middle of the game with a knee injury although he ended the game. Ajayi was limited during practice all ice all week with knee issues as well. Plus, there’s concern for Ajayi cause Bad Jay could strike at any game.
  9. God what a bummer...he looked great throughout the game too.
  10. You're right about that CC, Oakland has an above average front seven but with this news that Kelley is (likely, per Schefter) out, plus Oakland probably leading, plus Perine maybe not that effective....We just might have a nice little sleeper for the week! Changed my mind, I'm rolling with Thompson this week! let's goooooo!!
  11. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2017/9/20/16337518/seattle-seahawks-offensive-problems-slow-start From the article: Wilson's stats from 2012-2016, broken down by month: September: 3,479 yards at 7.17 YPA with 22 touchdowns to 11 picks and a 91.6 ratingOctober: 4,585 yards at 7.88 YPA, 25 touchdowns to 11 picks, and a 95.0 passer ratingNovember: 4,403 yards at 8.53 YPA, 33 touchdowns to 8 picks and a 106.9 passer rating. December: 5,271 yards at 8.26 YPA, 43 touchdowns to 15 picks, and a 103.0 passer rating. As for Wilson’s career first-half to second-hal
  12. Gruden's "let's not feed him cause we want him for the long haul" is a bit disappointing...suggests that even with a Kelley injury his usage would remain limited. We haven't seen the Skins play from behind so there is a chance we might see the game situation that might feature Thompson Sunday night. But until we actually see it, it's hard to start him knowing we'd need a big play/TD to making it worthwhile. Starting Gore over him this weekend fwiw
  13. Garbage time stays count just the same as any other stats!! Might have to start Kears e this week if Parkers ankle keeps him out and Idon't even feel bad if I have to!
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