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  1. Keep on schedule Drake. Take us to the promiseland. That's where dreams are made.
  2. If I survive this week, I'm never benching Funchess again.
  3. Golodspeed everyone. I need the potential upside of Goodwin this week to save me after my stud RB got injured on Thursday. Goodwin is the one WR that has massive upside potential this week. Really hoping he can save my season. Good luck all.
  4. Kupp. So not sure who has the higher TD upside this week.
  5. Trying to figure out if he will be more of a WR3 type or closer to WR2 with the plus matchup. Not to get all CSB but trying to decide between Goodwin and the Kupp/Wallaces of this world as well as the WR2 types that have bad matchups (like Funchess). If Goodwin could get 8-10 targets this week, he could potentially put up WR1 type numbers. Just not sure how focused in on Goodwin JimmyG will be.
  6. Thoughts for this week? No Janoris Jenkins. Good to go? Must win for Dallas.
  7. What tier of WRs would you guys start Goodwin over this week? What tier would you not start him over? Trying to figure out where the sweet spot might lie. Stars are aligning but whenever things look positive for a player I usually end up disappointed.
  8. Is it just me or does Lewis look like Rawls? So that's where Rawls has been. lol
  9. It was a hit to a head. Do those ever look good? It wasn't terrible. Seen much worse. But still a hit to the head.
  10. I can't tell if that sounds amazing or if that sounds boring. Mixed emotions.
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