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  1. lol yep, woops. I do not think he will have the greatest season of all time.
  2. Brandon Lowe hits 40 HRs Josh Bell hits 35 HR with 110 RBI, triple slash of .260/.350/.900 Bregman hits .250 and comes up with 20 HR, cries with Altuve after getting taunted with trash cans all season Toronto wins the AL East, Yankees finish 4th after Jays, Rays, and a surprising Red Sox team. Judge and Stanton can't stay on the field, Sanchez continues slumping, Torres has a good, not great year (28 HR, .820 OPS). The Mets can't figure out how to get consistent ABs for both Dom Smith and Alonso, both fail to get in a rhythm. Lindor is good, not
  3. I'm interested, please send me the rules/details! Johnssec16@gmail.com
  4. I think they will keep Chase in his current role. Drake will probably walk because Cliff doesn't want to see him get stuffed at the goal line another 100 times and they'll draft a big body runner.
  5. Would be crazy to me if they just ditch him after that season. One of the best undrafted rookie RB seasons ever, top 10 yards from scrimmage for RBs as a rookie on a bad team. I think he kind of became a fan fave too during the year. I agree that the same usage isn't guaranteed, I just hope it doesn't turn into some 50/50 timeshare that we see so much of now.
  6. With Urban Meyer being the guy, I'm seeing in college he runs a spread offense. I pay no attention to college football, anyone know how he utilizes RBs? Robinson showed he has some receiving ability, I hope that he can approach the amount of touches he had in 2020. Love when an undrafted guy like him succeeds.
  7. [...] Really disappointing for the semis but overall a great year and he was a great value. I wonder if he'll be able to continue it next year.
  8. My semifinals opponent has had Waller, Jacobs, Diggs, and Melvin Gordon pop off against me in .5 ppr so far. 87 points from just 4 players. Does not feel good.
  9. Just got sandwiched by Waller and Jacobs. Ouch. It was insane watching how they were just able to keep throwing right to Waller. 150 of Mariota's 226 yards were to Waller. What the hell were the Chargers doing on defense? Only saving grace for me is my opponent also played Keenan Allen. He's still coming out way on top after last night though. Frickin Waller.
  10. If Mostert is healthy and plays the whole game we're looking at, what, 8-12 carries each? That's really not what I'm looking for out of a flex. Has only had more than 13 receiving yards once this year. I dunno, it's hard to bank on TDs and a potential line 9/40 plus 2/10 receiving is not where i want to be in the semis. As a wilson/mostert owner I really hope Mostert sits, otherwise I'm probably looking to the wire depending on other injuries.
  11. Ah okay. Well must not have done any more damage to it or be bad enough to shut him down. Looking like an unfortunate situation for fantasy owners, a split backfield leaves me trusting neither.
  12. Did not practice today but i haven't seen anything about his MRI results.
  13. Wondering what some others think of this, if it's okay or shady/gaming the system. Platform is Yahoo, money league, long time keeper. I had Julio in my IR spot this past Sunday. If you put in your waiver claim prior to Yahoo changing him from O to Q, it lets you do it and will process the claim without you having to drop someone to activate Julio. After they change him from O to Q, you can't put in any other waiver claims without dropping someone to activate Julio first, even if you've already got a waiver claim in from when he was still designated O. In doing this, I c
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