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  1. I play in one of each and by far the limited keeper league (9 seasons) is funner. The rules are simple, you can keep 3 players but every player has to enter the draft at least every 3 seasons, and 1st round picks are not keeper eligible, we also allow trading of draft picks for the following season since we have no turnover. With the above we are some great teams but they all have short windows and we are a lot of rebuilding and loading up near the trade deadline.
  2. PPR - 2 Flex In the most 2020 fashion I bested my opponent by a single point because he missed that his kicker was going to miss the game because or COVID! It was a week 17 championship due to a error when setting up. Went up against Cooks (39) AJ Brown (31) Lockett (33) as well as the trifecta of Rodgers, Adams and Jones to sneak the win!! Final score 187-186. QB - Wilson RB/FX - Wilson Jr., Swift, Montgomery, Taylor WR - Cooper, Jefferson TE - Kittle D - Colts K - Koo
  3. QB - Trubinsky RB - Montgomery, Taylor WR - Kupp, Jefferson TE - Kelce FX (2) - Kittle, Swift D - CHI K - Koo
  4. I won 2 out of 3 leagues, the one without Kelce I did not. Kelce was the cheat code this year but last year it was CMC. Given that the top 3 consensus picks this year busted it’s hard to say what strategy is best. I will say that in my main money league Kamara was on the winning roster 2 years in a row. Kittle was also on the winning roster last year.
  5. Vent for the guy eliminated last week. He has Brady/Evans/Gronk stack and also has Kamara lol
  6. Watching one guy in my league pile it on with the Brady/Evans/Gronk stack after also starting Kamara last night. Crazy
  7. Debating on whether to start Goff or Hurts in Week 15. I also have Kupp so would be heavily reliant on this group as a result. QB - Goff or Hurts RB - Dobbins, Akers WR - Hill, Kupp FLX - Da. Johnson DST - Seahawks K - Butker
  8. Based on this tidbit of information the other team must be terrible
  9. He’s the RB10 in half PPR, with only two games under 8 points. I start him every game what’s the big issue. He’s not Kamara or Cook, but he wasn’t drafted to be either.
  10. This is not my rant but the most stacked team in my league is 2-5. These are his starters Ryan Tannehill, Aaron Jones, Raheem Mostert, Davante Adams, Chris Godwin, George Kittle, and flex is any pick of Jonathan Taylor, Ronald Jones, Keenan Allen, Dionte Johnson. Due to our custom keeper rules this team is pretty stacked (12 team) but injuries have absolutely wrecked what should be the dream team.
  11. Peyton Manning was definitely a fantasy MVP a few years ago
  12. Am I seeing Ravens QB (aka Lamar) on your do not draft list? That’s nuts hard to read further
  13. 12-1 on the season. Faced Hunt & Gurley this week. Came within 0.5 points of winning anyways. Had Freeman tonight. Needed just a little more. sigh
  14. I neee Baltimore D to outscore Jeremy Maclin by 1.5 in Half PPR to clinch 1st place (10-1)
  15. I have both and I’m flexing one this week. Between the two of them they always seem to get 25+ points which is good enough for my RB2 and flex.
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