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  1. I own Castillo and Snell. That is all.
  2. I can get behind this but just a slightly different theory. HBO is behind some of the wackiness, AB is about the only reason to watch the show especially after how it ended in pittsburgh. Since AB couldn't be at camp for a bit due to the feet, HBO had him blow the helmet thing out of proportion and threaten retirement to keep viewers engaged and give people a reason to watch without him being there, I wouldnt be surprised if there were not another “outburst” while this is being filmed.
  3. Exactly. I dont think 10 hrs in 40 seconds is actually possible by the rules.
  4. Lol I swear at least 2 of those HRs in the final minute landed at the same time. Thanks for the rigging
  5. Pollock and Mookie combining to hit 8 hrs against me this week. My whole team is at 7
  6. I punched myself in the face for picking him back up.
  7. Dropping this Castillo cat in 3...2...1...
  8. So glad Yelich is back, Cains play has been unreal with him hitting behind
  9. Everybody having a ball in Detroit other than Castellanos of course. Guessing he’s a warm weather guy.
  10. And just like that Baez leads my team in HR's
  11. As a Cain and Martinez owner that one hurt to see
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