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  1. Have an 11 point lead with JuJu, DHopkins, Leveon Bell, and Zach Ertz vs his Big Ben. (PPR) We have 2 week finals playoffs and I started with a beastly 42 pt going into the 2nd week.
  2. I expect Hop, Juju, and Ertz to put up big games so it doesn't look great. BUT, this is fantasy football and sometimes the kicker can be the savior.
  3. League 1 = Ben for sure. Anything Jesse James does will be hedged by points to ben as well, thus making JJ's points less effective. League 2 = I could make a case for both ways. I think you have a chance to beat him without using your QB so either one works. Might lean on Foles for the same reasoning as League 1 with Ben and JJ. With Bell and Bryant it would be like hedging your bet using Foles, but you could always double down on the Steelers and play Ben. Best of luck.
  4. Better hope the Eagles get up good points in the first half without using Agholor. Perhaps a couple TDs and an Elliot FG or two and Ajayi will be running the whole 2nd half. Then, the Eagles play partial prevent D letting Bryant get tons of catches and yards. A couple TDs and you're golden! To be completely honest; I would guess 1/3 chance of winning. Unfortunately, it will be cold and quite windy during game time which could affect Elliot.
  5. It'll be great info to have to know if you need hail mary points of just a solid game from both. Im not sure whether it is PPR or not, and that would change my possible decision. I would have a hard time sitting Ertz and Agholar, I think they are your best two options. Yes, Ajayi will be a solid 7-12 probably, but Ertz and Agholar both are scoring 50% more PPG than him. Ill take those chances
  6. JuJu> AJG and prob go Foles for QB. Regardless, DONT let him get JuJu - that might be the biggest point difference you can make.
  7. McKinnon if you are looking for a solid 10-15. Ertz I see more boom/bust potential.
  8. Firing Alex up over Case Keenum fwiw to any of yall. Going to be a nice day sunny day in Miami baby!
  9. Any believers in Case in Green Bay in the nighttime game where it will be 10 degrees with 10-15mph winds this week?
  10. Man, I did the same thing with Kamara. In the finals now but it still hurts my soul. Plus, it's a keeper - hurts even deeper. Drafted Matt Ryan in the 6th. Drafted Carson Wentz 14th...and dropped him after a week or two. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Oh best one. Drafted Deshaun Watson with last pick cuz repping Htown - dropped him when they announced Savage as the starter. F drafting QBs
  11. Your team looks good. Like others have said before, block whomever you think he may claim. Even if it is a DST, every point matters.
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