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  1. Might be fading from him this week as well. [...] Only 3 RBs this years have cracked top 15 against the Bears. Fantasy Pros has some good insight. The bears are 1 of only 2 teams to not allow a receiving TD to a RB this year, and “Running backs have averaged 0.15 fewer PPR points per touch against the Bears than they have in non-Bears matchups, making it the toughest schedule-adjusted matchup for running backs from an efficiency standpoint.”
  2. 2020 Fantasy Football League (14-Team .5 PPR League) Record has been 12-1 this year. Looking to take home the bag this year $$$ QB: Kyler Murray, Taysom Hill WR: Davante Adams, Hollywood Brown, Justin Jefferson, RB: Derrick Henry, James Robinson, Jonathan Taylor, James Conner TE: Robert Tonyan, Hayden Hurst, George Kittle (IR) FLEX: K: Younghoe Koo DEF: LAR, CLE
  3. Want to start him so bad today, but giving it a week to see how it may shake up.
  4. I'm looking at [starting] Jefferson. Wanting to see this kid feast!
  5. Im going to wait until closer to game time to make a decision, but I don’t know how comfortable I feel about starting him this week. He’s been a plug and play for me all season, but might be getting the fade for Jefferson this week. My only call I guess is a gut decision
  6. The big thing with Hurst is at least he's been consistent. Seeing him get more looks and more involved in the offense over the last few weeks has raised that consistency, which I cannot complain about. I did however snag Taysom Hill this week, and if he gets the nod, Hurst will be sitting on my bench.
  7. Russ and DK serving up a grade A can of whoop a** on the niners in the kitchen today!
  8. All the Younghoe doubters... he’s gonna make you eat some Koo by the time this game is over
  9. We are witnessing the second coming of Adam “the Goat” Vinateri. The dude reincarnated as Koo. Coincidence that the year Vinateri leaves and falls off of the face of the earth to never be heard of again is the same time King Koo emerges as an all world talent?!? I think not.... Them Space Jam aliens are real! Just as the weather bowed down to Vinateri over those decades, so shall the wind and rain bow down to Lord Koo-manchew. Set.And.For-Get
  10. I think you can definitely get some inflated value for him just being a WW guy because of the boneyard that the RB pool is. His numbers don’t lie. He’s not an RB10-15 right now, he is RB2/3. You can do some politicking. As I’m considering selling him, I’m looking at Kelce/Kittle for TE as a primary need
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