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  1. I’m rolling him out and expect a career day from the rookie. He’s improved each week and his targets have steadily increased as well. I think the game is starting to slow down for him and he’s getting more confidence and comfortable in the offense. Plus Lock is back, they had a connection in the off-season and 1st couple of games. I get what everyone is saying about Bill and the Pats, and agree to a certain extent. But it’s 2020, and the unexpected will happen. Too many positive trends for him and the Broncos for me to sit him. I’ll be back in about 4 hours to either float or eat crow.
  2. I think the bust comments are coming out from people that perhaps due to the fact that a lot of people that it was crazy that a rookie rb should be taken in the 1st round of a re-draft league. Sure there were plenty of signs that he was set up for success (KC offensive prowess, CEH play style and pedigree, handpicked by Mahomes (allegedly), Super Bowl / CFB champions, etc etc)... How many times has a rook been considered a consensus top 10 pick ADP that you guys can think of? Doesn’t happen very often, due to the fact that even if all arrows are pointing up, stars aligned, there’s still questi
  3. I bet the Chiefs are starting to wish the went a different way with their first round pick as well...Going RB was a head-scratcher to me when it was announced. And for the record, as an LSU alumni I love Clyde, but I think we have enough of a sample size so far, he looks/plays like a RB2/Flex, and unless his play improves or they start giving him some 3rd down looks, I don’t expect it to change this year.
  4. In our 1/2 point PPR league Kamara finished as the #13 RB last year while playing hurt and missing multiple games. Statistically that puts him just outside of 1st round value. Given that he was able to put up more than decent stats/points playing injured, common sense should tell you that that a healthy Kamara should’ve gone top 5
  5. So you would’ve drafted CEH over A. Jones or A. Kamara?
  6. This is a dumb take imo. This Jags team was just as bad last year and Leonard Fournette was the #9 RB in our format. And I believe JRob is a better back than Fournette. Sell if you want, but they way RBs go down every year and his upcoming schedule, you will definitely regret it later. Either because of injuries and now you need him, or he continued to ball out and his value is even higher.
  7. Another thing no one has mentioned yet - dude has that stiff arm down to a science...I love RBs that execute a good stiff arm, so sexy...gives me a, uh stiffy.
  8. Since we're posting play by play stats now, I'd like to post Lev Bell's stats from this past week for comparison (he had 33 touches total, 28/33 touches went for 4 yards or less; longest gain was 9 yards). Hunt outproduced Bell on far fewer touches. 26-L.Bell up the middle to PIT 29 for 3 yards (26-T.Waynes). 26-L.Bell right tackle to PIT 33 for 4 yards (98-L.Joseph). 26-L.Bell right tackle to PIT 22 for no gain (93-S.Stephen). 26-L.Bell left tackle to
  9. Bottom line is this: Eagles D came into the game and keyed on Hunt after seeing last week vs Pats, tried to shut him down. They did the first half. Not so much the second half. Hopefully that gives Reid all the confidence to keep running the ball in close/losing games.
  10. What a bum. M. Gordon and his s---y ypc did better than this last week against the broncos.
  11. I'm cutting bait with him I think. Last night the Texans were able to run the ball a ton- this won't be the case most games this year. Miller will be the back in there on passing downs, better receiver/blocker. Oh and Alfred Blue is close to being healthy and coaching staff has already said he will get playing time when back. Even if TEs get back and Foreman becomes goaline back, I don't see much value here. The offense isn't good and won't be this year. I have the luxury of not needing to start either atm, but I'm cutting Foreman and betting on a different horse. Good luck to all.
  12. I own both (Foreman/Miller), took over a team for buddy that had to deploy. Neither impressed me. Miller definitely has more value due to receiving, and he averaged higher ypc last night too. Foreman popped off a few nice runs when he got lucky and found a hole, but good god dude has NO vision...just kept running into his lineman play after play. Miller seems more elusive.
  13. Almost a carbon copy of last weeks game stats for him...barf...
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