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  1. great season for the rook; excited to see him grow next year.
  2. pitch count or not, i trust him 10x more over my other options, like hurst.
  3. with rojo being ruled out, uptick for AB?
  4. if he plays, he figures to get a ton of volume vs. a weak secondary correct?
  5. this guy is mad annoying. made the finals without him with the hope of finally this week getting to use him... i wish they would just say theyre shutting him down instead of playing wit us
  6. REST UP sweet prince; atleast its not major thankfully🙏
  7. yeah I get you, but what gives me pause is that Shanny at any given time can go full New England and have a 4 back committee
  8. seems like an avoid.... match up, plus injury, and losing more and more carries to pollard (also in relation to injury)
  9. At this point it seems like they are making up excuses/injuries to keep him out.
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