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  1. Looking for an ESPN auction draft tonight using leaguesafe! anything $100 or less is good with me. Let me know!
  2. Still looking for 1 more? Are you using leaguesafe for fees?
  3. Need to choose two options to flex this week, full PPR: 1. JaMycal Hasty vs GB tonight 2. J.K. Dobbins vs Ind 3. Marquise Brown vs Ind 4. Melvin Gordon vs Atl 5. DJ Chark vs Hou WHIR!!
  4. I would do it, you have depth and Lamar is a big upgrade.
  5. Its a no for me, Golladay should see positive regression here soon. Chark would be a significant downgrade imo.
  6. You gotta hold out for Mixon. Not only were there reports that he was feeling good (vet rest day imo), but Gio with a full workload vs Cle isnt much different than Scott tonight, maybe even better.
  7. Definitely risky but with rb scarcity and the schedules, I think I have to do it with my losing record atm. QBs are easier to replace even Lamar. Anyone else wanna chime in? WHIR!
  8. Theres no way i should be able to get an elite RB for Lamar imo. With all the RB injuries out there finding a solid starter is scarce. Not to mention baltimores Oline is not what it was last year, i dont think Lamar can repeat even close to last years production. I'm trying to get Jonathan Taylor instead but might have to settle for RJo. My teams 2-4 so I feel like i need to mix things up and try to win now. Lamar is on bye this week, followed by Pit, Ind, NE, Ten and Pit again. Thats a rough stretch. RJo gets LV this week, followed by NYG, NO, Car... a much more favorable run.
  9. Thinking of trading Lamar away for RJo, just worried about LF. This is a small 8 person league with 2 qbs, my others are Mahomes and Burrow. My other rbs are mixon, gordon, Lindsay, white. I think I should pull the trigger, logic says RJo earned the workload even with LF but Arians scares me. What do you guys think?
  10. I think you need to get more in return than a QB. Ask for something else on top for your TE, a WR probably. Streaming QBs is much easier than streaming TEs... sometimes the best move is not moving. thanks for answering mine dude!
  11. Wentz I guess but that’s rough. Nobody else available? Like josh Allen? help with mine?
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