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  1. Keeper league that allows you to keep waiver wire players in the 8th round. Who are some good last minute grabs to stash? Only one I can really think of grabbing is AJ Dillon since Jones and Williams are free agents after this season unless they are able to work out a new contract.
  2. Late but I went Dolphins and hope you did
  3. Thanks. I’m the under dog and need upside so I’m starting Moore. Toss up between the other two. Diontae is the target leader on his team and will get targets from Ben, but like you said Ben has been trash. The also get IND which isn’t ideal. Sander is intriguing with a softer match up and no Thomas or T. Smith. Brees has favored him the past 3-4 games where Thomas was out. 51 point over under in the game. Brees looked rusty though
  4. AB due to match up. He has the safest floor and some upside due to match up. Agholor gets the dolphins so I’m out. Connor has been bad when Ben was good so I have less optimism for him with Ben being bad and him coming off an injury
  5. Woods Metcalfs ceiling is too high to sit Aiyuk has been a monster recently, ride the hit streak. Kittle on a snap count so Aiyuk will still eat.
  6. I like Wilson a lot but I would say Fournette because he could fall into two TD like he did last week especially with as bad a defense that DET is. Pass interference to some short yardage goal line work.
  7. Not Fant but I could see Thomas especially if McLauren sits but I would lean on the side of AB due to match up and a safer floor.
  8. Gio against a bad HOU defense and more guaranteed touches with some catches sprinkled in
  9. Fairbairn for me just because of match up
  10. Baker has been hot and after what the Jets did to the RAMS, I'm sure CLE actually comes up with a game plan to beat them. Jets have a decent run defense as well. Bears and Bills are real close but lean Bears only because divisional games are the most volatile to predict. The hood still has some magic up his sleeve even with Gilmore out.
  11. Marvin Jones if Stafford plays as your WR2 Gaskins as your FLEX cause LV is terrible. They sold out to stop the run last week against the Chargers but got destroyed through the air. I can't see them doing the same again which should leave some room for Gaskins plus he catches the ball too. Dolphins really haven't split the work load this year when guys have gone down either.
  12. I believe most platforms have 48 hours before they become free agents. I would check your league setting or a quick google to confirm. It seems like you can drop Tampa today (Friday) and they won't clear waivers before they play on Saturday. Even if this isn't the case, I would be dropping Tampa. I wouldn't drop a player I was planning on starting like Allen, Cooks or Marvin Jones. You need to keep all three in case you need to pivot since Allen and Jones are questionable. Allen is questionable because of health and Jones is questionable if Stafford is out. If Stafford plays, I would prefer M.
  13. David Johnson and Josh Jacobs for me DJ has been getting check downs again Josh Jacobs has just consistent volume. I know he didn't look good last game but he's been steady all season.
  14. Start Two WR 0.5 PPR: DJ Moore @ WAS (good defense but has been hot) Diontae Johnson vs IND (good defense) Emmanual Sander vs MIN (Thomas on IR and so is T. Smith)
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