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  1. I benched Lamar Jackson and Trubisky for Jalen. Lesssssgo
  2. I'm in the same situation as you. My philosophy is to always play your studs. However I think giants defense is really underrated. I'm leaning towards JHurts because the cowboys defence is soo bad.
  3. Who would you start? My opponent has J. Allen
  4. I also have pollard. If Zeke sits would you start pollard over any of the others? Cheers
  5. Who would you play? I need a solid floor My opponent has Josh Allan at qb Cheers
  6. Standard scoring Who would you take? Otherwise jeudy and Patrick are on waiver
  7. I like this trade for you. I'm not high on cooper or Montgomery. Thomas is high quality
  8. Is Jackson practising this week? I think he would be solid if healthy. I have Ekeler on ir. [...]
  9. Standard scoring JJackson game time decision bit of a worry
  10. Standard scoring C Kirk or mike Williams are also options Cheers
  11. Yes I agree Jefferson for hunt Or Jefferson and lbell for connor Cheers
  12. Standard scoring 12 team Rb2 and flex Leaning towards J. Jackson and Gio However Swift looked great last week Cheers
  13. It's a keeper league so can keep 3 players for next year.
  14. 12 team standard scoring. 3 keeper league (my keepers Zeke and J Taylor so far) I already own Zeke Ekeler J Taylor Thanks
  15. Pick 2 for my bench Standard scoring (3 keeper league as well) Jeudy Watkins A miller M williams I'm light in my starting line up as went rb heavy. My starting wrs are Edelman and E Sanaders Otherwise I can drop e engram from bench for another wr Thanks
  16. 12 team (standard scoring) 3 keeper league Zeke J Taylor Ekeler J kelley D Swift B Snell Which 5 should I keep?
  17. I went rb heavy - standard scoring Who would you start leaning towards edelman and djax. Jeudy may get more targets if Sutton sits. Thanks
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