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  1. 10T points league. 3 trades 1. I give Bojan Bogdanovic. I receive Brandon Clarke 2. I give Jonas Valanciunas & OG. I receive Gorbert 3. I give Jonas Valanciunas & OG. I receive Christian Wood Should I make any of these trades or stay pat? My current team: Trae, FVV, Brogdon, Dejounte Murray, Haliburton, Aaron Gordon, Oubre, Jerami Grant, Bazley, Bojan, OG, Sabonis, KAT, Valanciunas
  2. Sick TD catch today (nice throw by Allen too). Targeting Higgins in every league next year.
  3. Anyone rolling out Smoke if he plays this week?
  4. Anyone starting as a FLEX in their championship? I honestly may have to lol. I guess the positive is 6 of Finley’s 13 throws went to Higgins last game and they play the Texans.
  5. 12 team PPR. Keep going back and forth between these two for my FLEX. I feel like Patrick has higher floor but Davis has higher ceiling
  6. 8 targets against PIT and another TD. Anyone rolling him out as their FLEX this week if Brown is out? I’m deciding between him and Patrick.
  7. 12 team PPR league. In semi finals this week. Could use a FLEX play as I would prefer either of these guys (Wilson Jr. & Patrick) over Higgins or Coutee. I have $8 left, which is 2nd highest left so I should get at least one of these guys. My question is who would you prefer between Wilson Jr. or Patrick? Having a tough time deciding as both have nice floors IMO and offer nice FLEX upside this week.
  8. Vikings held the ball for like 75% of the game it seemed, Brady season low 23 attempts. As the comment above me says, he air mailed a throw to Godwin that would have likely been a 70+ yard touchdown. Frustrating game. Falcons seem to be pretty decent against the run, so Godwin could bounce back next week.
  9. Agree with other two posts-first 3. Thanks for mine.
  10. Full PPR. Tee Higgins or Coutee? Have Higgins in right now.
  11. As a Terry owner, never would have thought I would have said I miss Haskins... Season low 6 targets, didn’t really seem to be a part of the game plan tonight. PIT looked to be double teaming him though or shading Minkah towards his side.
  12. Full PPR 1. Zeke 2. Denzel Mims 3. Tyler Boyd 4. Michael Pittman Jr. I have Zeke, Mims and Pittman in right now.
  13. I’ll be curious to see how many championship teams end up having Kelce on their team this year.
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