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  1. Kyrie has burned bridges from every NBA team he's played for and KD quit on his team for easy wins with the very team that beat them. You can paint any narrative to any player, I guarantee the Nets couldn't care less who calls shots as long as they win.
  2. Not that I'm on board with the doom and gloom takes that his season is bust, if you actually watched the game you'd see he's been passive on the floor whether Kyrie is there or not. He's being deliberately unselfish to a detriment.
  3. He's passing up open shots and has less attempts than Joe Harris and Jeff Green. There's no way this keeps up, Nets fans on other forums are pissed.
  4. Batum also missed zero games compared to Horford who hasn't played in 2 weeks for the birth of his kid...unless you have low expectations, he ain't hitting them
  5. He's gone off in the back end of the Nets games so far, no point imploding yet. This stinks of Jimmy Butler in Minnesota when he tried to defer more than score at first...until they weren't winning so he turned it up. The fact that Cleveland is winning right now means he's not gonna sit back and score nothing forever. RELAX
  6. I guess completing 2 full contact practices and shootaround just isn't enough 🤷‍♂️
  7. He can gain another 100 pounds if he keeps having games like this for me 😂
  8. Yahoo points league in signature. Josh Jackson - 37.55 AVG (40.75, 27.00, 48.75, 33.75), last season AVG 21.58 Derrick White - last season AVG 31.00 Appreciate the help, WHIR!
  9. Drafting a bit of a fun 6 team league with doubled depth, standard scoring: 2 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 2 RB/WR flex, 1 DEF, 1 K, 6 bench I've landed the first pick currently thinking CMC is still the strong choice and loading up on RBs early. Can almost guarantee QBs will go earlier than expected. Anyone played a similar set up or have advice? WHIR
  10. I don't have an issue. You're correct, and I'm happy with his overall line for the game as a whole, regardless of how he finished. Just seems silly to get worked up because most of it came in the first half.
  11. 11/10/3 at half after playing 16 minutes, keep doing work young fella 🙌
  12. Yeah, what kind of scrub only gets 28/8/3/2/1 in an NBA game against a playoff team? Drop city
  13. I'm trying to stay patient, but this dude has been worse than my streamer spot 🤷‍♂️
  14. /s...There's literally a subreddit of Trump inadvertently criticizing himself with 315,000 subscribers, welcome to the internet young fella 😂 I already moved one Kuzma this season, so I'm hoping he can get back to some big rebounding games soon
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