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  1. So with Bell officially signing with KC, is his status on Yahoo going to get updated soon? If he’s signed and can’t play, I assume he’ll get an “Out” designation this weekend, correct?
  2. this confuses me and hopefully someone can explain. How does one be top 20 in half PPR but not full? The receptions don’t differ so the allocation of points is the exact same, just get an extra 0.5/reception in PPR
  3. The frustrating part of all this is why do the 49ers wait until the last minute to rule him out. Is he really that close to playing or is it some tactic to gain an upper hand? Got lucky last week when they ruled him our early so I was able to IR him and find a replacement before they moved him back to doubtful
  4. In one PPR league, I am down 54 points and I have Tyreek Hill, Keenan Allen, Melvin Gordon, and Badgley to go and he has no one In my other PPR league, I am down 14 points and I have Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Kelce to go and he has Keenan Allen
  5. More I looked into it, the more it seems Stafford is the way to go. Oline in pass protection is ranked 9th overall for Detroit, Atlanta is ranked 13 Stafford has a DYAR (Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement) ranking of 3, Ryan is 11 Stafford has a DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) ranking of 5, Ryan is 14
  6. Play in a league with only 3 bench spots so need to drop one of these QB's. Who would you rather have rest of season? I do like Stafford's playoff schedule, but I also own Golladay and don;t want to have to rely on the Lions offense that much the rest of the season
  7. Down 23.4 I have Dak, Zeke and Cowboys DST He has Cobb
  8. Even if he plays this week, I am not sure I'd start him. If Seattle can generate a pass rush, he isn't going to do much with a bum ankle. If Stafford is available, I'd play him over Ryan as he is a good bye week coverage too. Stafford is going to be Matt Ryan lite the next two weeks throwing against terrible defenses
  9. I need 4.1 points from James White....Shouldn't be an issue, but I just have visions of him coming up injured after his first catch
  10. I read that ProFootballTalk article, and I am confused. The article talks about how he needs to play 8 games this year but I have always heard he needs to play just 6 games. Is the 8 games confirmed? If so that means he needs to be playing by week 9 at the latest, which spells good news for those who have him on their bench right now
  11. I have the week 14 bye (thank god as I would've had Wilson vs Jags D) but I am stuck on what to do weeks 15 and 16 Wilson plays Rams @ home (Ranked 5 vs QB's) then Cowboys on road (Ranked 27 vs QB) Big Ben plays Patriots @ home (Ranked 29 vs QB's) then Texans on road (ranked 30th vs QB's) I've rode the Wilson train all the way to the bye, but Ben's match ups have me thinking he may be my playoff QB, what do you guys think?
  12. I picked up Watson 3 weeks ago for Wilson's week 6 bye and going to stick with him the rest of the year now. When I drafted Wilson, I was going to play him week in and week out. But judging from the remaining schedule for the Texans and Seahawks, these two combine make for a great QB1 schedule the rest of the season Watson has 4 "negative" matchups from week 6-16 Seahawks week 8 - Wilson a good start this week with depleted Texans D Ravens week 12 - Wilson plays 49ers Jags Week 15/Steelers week 16 - Wilson plays Rams at
  13. I've been doing a lot of mocks from my #3 spot and been testing out going WR, WR, WR first 3 rounds in a 10 team PPR league. (Start 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex) Who here goes WR first 3 rounds?
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