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  1. Sometimes I hate that little midget Murray. No offense to all midgets out there. And I realize Murray is not even close to a midget.
  2. Is he hurt? After that catch, he immediately waved out and I haven't seen him since...
  3. Where are all the dudes who were salivating and extrapolating Edmonds' inflated YPC as a COP back? Pretty sure when Drake comes back, it goes back to exactly the way it was before. The Kyler show!
  4. Yikes, he was fairly heavily involved on Sunday.
  5. Robinson dusted Lattimore badly on that TD.
  6. But why would they even need to spend that money if they knew they had a starter in Chase last year??? You make it seem like they are forced to spend money on Drake. They didn't have to and could have turned everything over to Chase. But they didn't, they didn't even make it a competition, simply gave the top spot to Drake and kept a Chase in his regular role, where he absolutely excels. It will be interesting to see how he does when he starts a game, because the one game sample size we have is either not positive or inconclusive. Either way, to me it's obvious Arizona has been h
  7. I still say Henry is in a class by himself. He may not have the ceiling Kamara has due to his receptions, if there's one RB I want to set and forget, it's him. L. Murray still gets his 10 touches and is a threat at the goal line as is T. Hill. Inside the 5 yard line for the Titans? Who gonna get the rock? One guy.
  8. His rushing stats are gonna be garbage but in PPR or 0.5 PPR, he shouldn't see too much damage (unless he keeps fumbling). There will be a lot of checkdowns but he is going to see a serious reduction in TDs.
  9. Out of all those teams and players, the only one who is pretty much immune from any chaos: Titans and Derrick Henry. Everyone else can take a back seat!
  10. I think you missed his point completely, Tomei7. He is trying to say Edmonds not getting the early down carries is built into his inflated YPC. I'll remind you that last year, Edmonds stepped in mid-game for DJ and ran wild. The next game, when teams probably knew he was going to get the rock a whole lot more than usual, he was held to 8 yards on 7 carries and then got hurt too. When he came back from injury, the Cards PHASED HIM OUT and went with Drake and DJ behind him. Then they signed Drake to a contract, and installed him as a starter, relegating Edmonds again to CoP role.
  11. I'm not saying Drake is anything special or the Cards feel he is, but none of the moves over the last 12 months is a ringing endorsement of Edmonds. Drake started the year as the starter, Edmonds the CoP...why?
  12. Why would the Cards trade for Drake and sign him to a contract if they could easily have handed the reigns over to Edmonds?
  13. In Yahoo, I believe trades can vanish when one of the teams have a player who is on IR when the trade was accepted but comes off of IR when the trade is processed as that would put them over the roster size. With so many guys coming off IR this weekend, it wouldn't surprise me if that was the reason it disappeared...just a guess.
  14. Weird how they can get away with that. It's NFL rules. Allen Robinson was in the concussion protocol all week, didn't practice but was listed as doubtful as a result. All he was waiting for is to clear the protocol and once he did, he has no injury designation. He was probably more questionable than doubtful but the Bears had to list him as doubtful due to not getting in at least one practice. Carson should be listed as doubtful if he hasn't practiced at all imo.
  15. Did CC practice today? I thought a player had to get in at least one practice (even limited) to not be listed as doubtful or out as per NFL rules. This whole situation is confusing. Nervous trotting him out there if he's active and then he barely plays.
  16. I was leaning towards firing this guy up with 1 of those 2 guys sidelined. Now with both out? KC is a tough match on paper, but he will get targets with the Jets playing from behind. and there's always garbage time. Yes please!
  17. Sorry but he's not going to leapfrog Carson though lol...esp when it's not due to a lack of performance from Carson.
  18. Just playing Devil's Advocate, but that doesn't really prove anything. OBJ walked off on his own and he tore his ACL and is out for the year.
  19. And that's probably a wrap on D-Jax's season. I dont know if there is a guy out there who gets hurt more. Oh wait, maybe his teammate Alshon.
  20. I guess Martavis Bryant was right! JuJu sucks!
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