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  1. 12 Team PPR, Had 8th pick. Beers started flowing and drunk me fell in love with CEH QB: Jones RB: CEH, Jacobs WR: Moore, McLaurin TE: Gesicki FLEX: David Johnson D/ST: Stream K: Gould Bench: Hilton, Gallup, Preston Williams, Dobbins, Reagor, Love, Doyle Are my WR’s good enough to keep up? And is Gesicki good enough to produce top ~10ish numbers?
  2. Cam's injury history just looks too bad to me. From what I've seen from Jones he should offer at least decent value so I'd give it a shot
  3. Not a huge fan of Kerryon this year and Evans is pretty much hit or miss with Winston so I'd personally do it
  4. Just got offered my Zeke and Kupp for his Davante and Dalvin 10 Team PPR My team's in my bio, I feel like I have to take this right?
  5. Just got offered Melvin for Cohen, it's a PPR league. My RB's are already extremely risky so I'm really going back and forth on this one. Team in sig
  6. QB really seems like the only shaky part of you team, just dependent on Luck. Your WRs are obviously set and one of the guys behind Chubb should at least be a serviceable RB2, pretty solid draft to me
  7. If I were you I'd probably keep Williams and Kirk/Watson. I'm not completely sold on Kirk after all the guys Kingsbury brought in but you're getting both lower than their ADP so either one you can't really go wrong.
  8. Got the 8th pick after a terrible combine, really thought I was going to have to go WR heavy but players fell and I guess I went pretty high risk/high reward with my first 2 picks, but I couldn't pass them up at 8 and 13. 10 Team Standard PPR QB: Wilson RB: Zeke, Gurley, A. Jones, Cohen, Pollard, Samuels WR: Thielen, Boyd, Kupp, Gordon, Samuel, Brown TE: Engram Just gonna stream K and defense I really wanted to take Henderson but he got grabbed 2 picks before me in the 10th. Ideally I think if I can get 1 top WR to pair with Thielen I'm set, but
  9. I'm in the final week of our leagues dead last game. We do a 4 week thing with the 9th and 10th guys in the league to see who ends up doing a punishment. I went into last week with a 31 point lead until my team bombed hard (Had Freeman, Mixon, Jeffery, Cook and Demaryius). Now I'm down 21. I'm thinking I have to put together a team that has the possibility to have monster days right? Who I have starting right now is bold QB: Bortles RB: Freeman, Perine, Anderson, Mixon, Coleman WR: Demaryius, Goodwin, Jeffery, Parker, Jordy TE: Davis, Cook D/ST: Lions (S
  10. Currently have Cook playing Davis on my bench Ebron on waivers Who's my best bet? PPR
  11. My TE is in shambles, Reed is basically done for the season and Davis has been awful the past couple weeks. Do I drop him for Cook or keep him?
  12. 4 teams are 9-3 right now in my league so playoffs are basically solidified, I'm 1st in the tiebreaker with the most points scored. I did this league with my buddies and everyone but the top 4 dont want to pay for the league (just $10). One of the guys suggested that the top 4 throw $25 to balance it all out. I'm broke as can be as a college student right now, what are my chances of making it to the finals? lol (2nd Place gets 25 1st gets 75) My Team QB: Wentz, Cousins RB: Bell, Zeke, Hyde, Morris, Abdullah WR: Hopkins, Keenan, Sanu, Davis TE: Olsen, Rudolph, Do
  13. Mixons been pissing me off, but he's definitely more talented than Darkwa. Do I roll with Mixon again or finally make way for Darkwa? Already have Coleman and Perine in my 2 RB slots so theyre fighting for a flex spot.
  14. Started the year rolling 3-0. Since then I'm 1-7. Cant catch a break with injuries (Have had at least 1 starting player get hurt in 8 of the 11 weeks so far) My team right now is QB: Wentz RB: Freeman, Mixon, Coleman, Darkwa, Perine, Allen WR: Jeffery, D. Thomas, Jordy, Parker, Davis TE: Reed, Davis Is there anything I can do with this team to save me from the bottom 2 in the league? Currently in last a half game back from 8th. I literally dont even know who'd have value anymore my teams absolutely depleted.
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