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  1. Was added to the injury report as being limited with a hammy today. Great matchup this week, but is anyone worried how he will hold up this weekend?
  2. Does the weather make him a sneaky play this week?
  3. I just haven't paid much attention to the Texans after Watson got hurt, but good to know Savage isn't afraid to grip it and rip it downfield. Thinking of going Fuller over Crowder.
  4. Thoughts on him returning this week? A lot of injuries for the Texans receiving group.
  5. Sometimes you gotta risk it to get the biscuit! Seriously considering starting him over Stafford!
  6. Is there any chance Mack gets an extended look these last few weeks to see what they have in him?
  7. I'm in the same boat as well. Extremely tough matchup. Makes it worse that I was intending on playing JuJu over him but...
  8. Last 4 weeks his snap % has been 17, 24, 39, and 39. Will it continue to trend upwards as he becomes adjusted to his late start? Or is this year a lost cause? Fyi I have him in dynasty so just interested in how everyone is feeling moving forward.
  9. How does everyone feel about him with Parker and Cutler returning this week?
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